Monday, December 13, 2010

Letter to David 12/13/10

ok so i knew that calling would be completely unexpected this early so that is why i did it...i thought that it would be funny but aparently it was sad for lydia...its weird because i really don’t know her..she is so young and i feel that it is the hardest to remember her out of everyone....she looks so different in the few pictures that i have of her...that seems super wierd to me...not sure what is going to happen to her and all that good stuff...

ok so really in this ward its like the member will give us references and thsi week we have recieved 8 references from members and its hard because the people just give them but dont show any initiative or anything or follow up. they just are like here you go have fun, oh well can you come with us or can you invite them over and stuff. oh well I’m busy and we are never they are like not interested in what happens to their friends or somthing there are a couple families that are willing to help us but they are genuinely busy and stuff. its just hard and when they can help us is in the night and they dont want to go outside in the night because its dangerous and it’s not like they want to leave the safety of their homes to go out and walk the streets and a lot of the members don’t have cars so we would be walking sometimes for a while i mean the areas aren’t as big as the states. where they have 2 or 3 wards to cover but it is big enough to take some time to walk around and make I’m not sure what, they don’t want to help and don’t see the importance of I’m not sure what to tell’s a lot easier in the states with your cars and cell phones and what you pop
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