Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letters Home 12/21/2009

hey there whats up. we just got back from the conference and so i have to be fast and since i will talk to you ill just keep it short. there really isnt that much going on here. we went and had an awesome meeting. it was with the whole mission so i got to see all the guys htat were in the ccm with me. we had skits and stuff. every zone had to do something...

so i got the package that yall sent and im not going to lie the best part was the testimonies but the runner up was the pants.....you siad that you were going to send another one in january send pictures that i can take around easier. smaller sized. people in my area want to see my family.....but its all good. thanks.....i decided that i didnt have to wait untill christmas to open it. so oh well, i do what i want..
so technically there is a time limit but its awful. i havent talked to anyone that has kept it and the only ones that are planning on it are going home next week. im not going to tell you the real time limit so im sorry. ill talk to you on friday. love you
elder price

ok pop so i like the plan its good, its not asking much and unfortunately thats whats needed a lot. so the family that we have a date with is doing good but they have some problems not with worthiness or the church but with the economy. they are behind on payments and might move this week before the baptism. it sucks but they need to move in with family and than that will bring a whole another set of problems but they are excited about the church and want to be baptised. we find out if they are moving tomorrow or miercoles. not sure which. but whatever happens it will be what is supposedd to. so on sunday we came up with goals, 5 things that we want to achieve o raccomplish in our lives so just thought i would share them with you, 1. temple marriage 2. med school 3. close fam relationship
with siblings and the old people too 4. hunt-kill bear 5. mission with wife
so i made mini goals to be better ablrto reach these, the one that im not positive on is number 5 but it would be legit to serve with my wife someday. so yea these are my goals or whatever for my life. just thought i would share whats new and that is about the only thing i can think of. take it easy. talk to you on friday. love you
elder price

Carta de 12/21/09

pues no mucho nuevo, un cosa que es muy extrano es que ellos llevan un statua de la virgen con bandas y differente cuetes y es differente. es interesante como las personas les gusta a vestirse pero solo tipicas. quiero comprar la ropa de los tipicas. pero no tengo mucho tiempo hoy. y necesito escribir mi padre. los siento. te quiero,
elder price
vamos a hablar viernes.

Well there isn't much new, one interesting thing is that they carry a statue of the virgin with flags and different_____ and it is different. It's interesting how the people like to dress, but it's pretty typical. I want to buy some of the typical clothes. but I don't have a lot of time today. And I need to write my dad. Sorry. Love you. Elder Price. We're going to talk friday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Letter Home 12/14/2009

I had asked him about being hungry and the status of buying food and about his baptism that was supposed to happen on Saturday and about the Christmas call. So hope that helps explain a few of his responses in this letter.

OK so my baptism that was supposed to be on Saturday didn't happen and its rather frustrating as to why. we found out that he was baptised in 2001. that's the short story but its pretty long and gets me angry that i taught this guy for like 8 weeks and he never told us that he was baptised. yea so that sucks.

for the number 41470181 and you need some code or something but no one knows what it is, they said they families just find it on the Internet or something. whenever is good for you guys the mornings are good for me or the nights but then it would be pretty late. so yea....find out and let me know.

OK so we have a refrigerator but its small and when we have to buy a lot of food our money runs out fast we don't get a ton of money and stuff but its all good. whatever happens happens i think i could lose some weight anyway.

i told chase that he wasn't going to make it a year. that's good for them though. chase is a good guy. march is not that far away.

nothing really happened this week we burned the devil on Monday and something happened to my camera so I'm not sure if pictures are able to be sent right now but ill try. we had fun.

so i want a video of Adam and dad singing at the Christmas thing.

but don't worry about me, I'm good and healthy but what has changed since i was home? i was always hungry there too....so don't worry.

love you all
elder price

Monday, December 7, 2009

Spanish letter 12/7/09

esta bien. me gusta leer tus correos electronicos. a veces es dificil a entender la forma de tu pero es mejor. mi vida es bueno a hora. hay muchas cosas que durante este mes yo vi. tengo muchas cosas en mi vida que son bueno. siento que puedo explicar mis sentimientos en ingles mejor, pues lo siento. durante este mes vi muuchas personas que viven en situaciones muy dificil. anoche hable con un familia de 5 hijos, 4 hijas y un hijo. padre de ellos salio 2 anos atras. como tu puedo ver la mano de dios en mi vida y en mi familia. yo se que los beendiciones que recibimos es porque y a traves el evangelio, creo que es en mosiah 2:41 que habla sobre obediencia y bendiciones. necesitamos recordar dios en todos cosas. a traves todos nustros pruebas recordad dios. solo a traves el evangelio podemos regresar y vivir con dios

Elder Price

It's good. I like to read your emails, sometimes it's difficult to understand the tu form, but it is better. My life is good right now. There are many things during this month that I saw. I have many good things in my life. I feel I can explain my feelings better in English, so sorry. During this month I saw many people that live in very difficult situations. Last night I spoke with a family that has 5 boys, 4 girls, and a (baby?). The dad left them 2 years ago. Like you, I can see the hand of God in my life and in my family. I know that the blessings we receive are because of and through the gospel. I believe it is in Mosiah 2:41 that he talks about obedience and blessings. We need to remember God in all things. Throughout all of our trials, remember God. Only through the Gospel can we return and live with God.

Letter to David 12/7/09

first off sorry i didn't get the response last week. but ok weather sucks its hot and then its cold the mornings are hot and during the day but than iits cold in the night its summer right now but all that means is it doesn't rain.

in our area we walk but to get to other meetings like zone or district meeting we ride the bus. these are the craziest buses i have ever seen. its ridiculous. but they are fun as long as you keep nothing of value in your pockets.
my favorite thing about the culture is the people, they have crazy ways of doing things and making the best out of the situation that they are given. its cool to see but its heart wrenching to see the kids in these situations. they have nothing, but its hard cause we cant do anything.

i love platino its good its weird and i didn't like it at first but after eating it everyday i love it.´

yea we go to the temple 4 times a year. we are going this month.
so its good here in Guatemala
love you all
helaman 5:6 i think
elder price

Letter Home 12/7/2009

i think that Lydia is hilarious, I'm not sure where she learns this stuff but it sounds like she needs to realize how old she is she always was a little teenager. but that's awesome that they (Aaron & Katie) got there pics. he only works 2 days a week?? that isn't good.

OK so i was thinking.....we are always hungry and i know that its not always easy with your schedules but it would be awesome if you could try to feed the missionaries. they are working hard and its easier in the states to eat with members cause they have lists and stuff like that but here we don't eat dinner a lot. we have to try to cook and that sucks. but its all good if you can, that would be legit.

so i forgot to tell you but like last week or the week before i had to go talk to a lawyer. nothing serious. all i knew was that it was for my visa. so on my police report my name is seth d price but on my visa application or something its seth deacon price. i had 2 names in Guatemala. according to the country 2 people came to Guatemala. i was confused the dudes English wasn't good and i couldn't understand in Spanish. i can get along fine with lessons but outside of the gospel its harder.

thanksgiving we celebrated on last Monday. ill send pictures it was our district. we had a lot of food. but it wasn't the same. i sent a picture of my hair....i went to get it cut and the lady said the i needed to do my hair like that because i have a really weird shaped head i thought it was funny. so she did it for me.

today is a holiday. you buy a pinata devil and burn it we are going to do it with some other elders tonight. its going to be fun. not sure what the point is.

OK so for the missionary work. its good. our baptisms are good one is for Christmas day and the other is for this Saturday he is getting kinda scared thinking he is not ready but he is he has read a lot and just needs to take that step of faith that is in ether 12. but he really is a good guy and knows that this is right, the other wants to get baptised the 12 th but is out of town for work until the 22. him and his granddaughter are going to get baptised. but its all good.

love you all and will let you know about the call when i know.
elder price