Monday, July 26, 2010

Letter to David 7/26/2010

thanks...that’s the house that Myron has the one that they lived in??? they never left?? they are a lot like the Guatemalan people it’s normal here to live with or next to your family for your whole life...its something i really like about Guatemala. they always are super close to their families...

but yea so what are you doing for work now you changed jobs and the last i knew you were doing stuff for the taxes of the states.. what do you do now??

yea things with my comp are good we are friends and stuff. there are days that not everything goes to plan but its not a big deal. we are good and are trying to do what is the best. so yea its all better but changes aren't till Wednesday. so i won’t know until tonight if I’m going or staying or what is happening. but with the filming they are all done and the finished product comes out in November for the world. from Brazil Guatemala England and Korea. so we will see but I’m not sure if it is just for the leaders or for I’m not sure what is happening.

but thanks for the story. love you
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Letter Home 7/26/2010

first off what is happening with Lopez??? he never was married or they were married and now divorced? what happened with want to say her name is Laura... that sounds crazy...that is crazy. I'm not sure what is happening with anything anymore. Lopez needs the gospel. try to send missionaries if you can. I'm not sure where he lives. is he still coaching??? he just needs to grow up. he is a kid. I'm not sure what to do with that..but its a good time to start something. he is going through problems he has a kid. its time i think.

what the is Aaron doing???? sorry. but honestly what is happening. is he going back into the seals program or don't finish stories at all you need to follow up and not just stop half way through....details you cant just drop all that on me like that.....good golly....

changes are Wednesday and I'm not sure what a transfer is....haha, but yea its weird to have the difference in languages in Spanish its cambios. changes cambiar is to change so its not transfers, changes are Wednesday. we find out tonight. and we wouldn't find out about district leader or all that till Wednesday...I'm trying to be patient but that has never been a strong suit of mine so its going to be fun and for the record i don't have a year in the mission yet so I'm not sure what you are talking about going by so fast. trying to cheat me out of my time here isn't fair momma.

not sure what is happening with all you people back there in AZ and Utah but here its going good just trying to finish up teaching these people before Saturday so that they can get dunked. i love you
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Letter Home 7/19/2010

well it sounds like you guys had fun. I'm not sure what a biting fly looks like. is it big?? we don't have those in Arizona do we?? I'm not sure. but this week was good. me and my comp just butt heads and stuff. it was not big and it was over before last p day. so not a big deal. its just hard for us to know where we are coming from but we are good.

so yea they are still filming and stuff. well i think yesterday was the last day maybe 1 or 2 some of them went home today and others go home on Wednesday. so its good. but they are good.

so what did you guys do with the family. I'm not sure what is happening with you all. it sounds like you all are changing. which is good. before we didn't do anything with family. so hey that is a good thing.

so what are you all doing for the summer. does Adam have a job yet or no...what is going to happen with Adam and baseball what position did he do at the camp everything or just outfield?? that's awesome though.

so send me the thing that you filled out for me. i want to know how you guys answered. love you

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Letter Home 7/12/2010

yea she is in Utah. she had surgery and everything is good with that but she is recovering im not sure when they are coming back. right now one of the members of the area presidency is in charge of the yea tis all good. we had a mission fast and stuff.

so yea they are all filming us right now. they started on Saturday. its been good we had our baptism filmed which was scary for her but it was good when her father got there. he is super not into the church but she has the support of her uncle who lives in our ward. he baptised her. so yea not much new is happening here just chilling and stuff.

so what are you guys going to do fro the fam reunion. me and my companion got into a fight which needed to happen because we fixed it and its a lot better than it was before so it was good. we didn't hit just we are good. love you

so a couple of interesting things...
we wash our clothes by hand ill get a picture later....
and a question that i had. how did our family come to know the church well i know mas o menos how you did but how did dads family, just wanted to know so yea. love you
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

carta 7/5

ok entonces este semana fue un poco dificil porque mundial. muchos personas aqui son enojados que brasil perdio pero no se mucho de esto....pero aqui estamos. si mi companero es mejor toda via es dificil pero estamos trabajando y tenemos exito. creo que vamso a bautizar este semana y hay otras personas que estan preparandose para bautismo...pero no se tambien aqui celebramos 4 de julio con fireworks pero no son de luz solo de bulla noise....
pero una familia que me ha afectuado...este semana fuimos a visitar una familia que es menos activa. ellos son muchos como 12 con nietos y todo pero viven juntos. ella antes fue la comedor para los misioneros en este barrio pero un misionero que conozco muy bien no queria que ella cocina para ellos entonces ellos fueron y fue afendida de el porque el no importa a sus sentimientos y no se pero ella le cae bien a mi entonces ayer fuimos y todos fueron a la iglesia con nosotros y normalmente solo 5 van. entonces fue un bendicion a mi que puedo ayudar personas a regresan a la iglesia. y creo que ella va a assistir la iglesia proxima semana tambien...solo tenemos que visitar estos personas si hacemos nuestro home teaching realmente yo se que serve y personas pueden regresar. te quiero
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okay well this week was a bit difficult because of the world cup. A lot of people here are mad that Brazil lost, but I don’t know much about that…but here we are. Ya my companion is better, it’s still difficult but we are working and we’re successful. I think we’re going to baptize this week and there are other people that are preparing themselves for baptism. But I don’t know. We also celebrated the fourth of july with fireworks, but they weren’t lights, only really noisy.

But a family that has affected me… this week we went to visit a family that is less active. There’s a lot of them with like 12 grandchildren and all but they all live together. Before she was the cook for the missionaries in this ward, but a missionary that I know very well didn’t want her to cook for them so they left and she was offended by him because he didn’t care about her feelings and I don’t know, but she seems good to me. And then yesterday we went and everyone went to the church with us and normally only 5 come. So it was a blessing to me that I could help people come back to the church and I think she’s going to come to church next week too… we only have to visit these people if we do our home teaching.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter to David 7/5/2010

ok so the new ward is starting to work because of this video thing that they are going to do with us...its weird. i guess before they didnt really do anything but now they want to start and stuff. so we are liking the change. but there are about 125 that normally come but we focused this last week and visiting and we had 156 people in the reunion sacramental. so i know that when we work with those that we have we see results. we are trying to focus on the families that are part member. they have a support and it helps reinforce the testimony of the rest of the family so its been good and we see that they are coming to church so we can baptize and reactivate which is good. it helps us and then it gives the members the abililty to help more cause they already know these people so its not like they dont know them. so its been good.
my new companion has almost 3 months on his mission. he is super new. so its good. he still is leaning what to do, so I’m put into a situation to show what to do. its not leadership but its good for me. I’m not so sure i know what to do sometimes...but its all good and we are working. he is from here totonicapan. a municipial called momostenango i think so its good.
love you
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Letter Home 7/5/2010

Just a side note: Today marks his 11 months out!

OK so that is crazy that Tim is going out..he has all 9 weeks in the mtc right?
but its all good here we are doing good and working. Adam started writing which has been nice to hear from him its good to hear what is happening in his life from him. josh is still writing and stuff. so who is this lady that Hannah was with for the plane?? how did that go in the room with everyone elde. it is good that the parents were there if not problems happen.

so i hear that Jenna and Jared have friends. that's good to have people to do things with..

but today is a weird day . 11 doesn't feel that long for me. I'm almost half way done. that means that in no time I'm going to be home which is a scary thought because that means i have to do grown up things and the next steps in life don't sound that much fun...but i have time still..

no our water is still cold but its all good. I'm getting used to it so i don't scream in the showere anymore i just got faster at showering..its all good though. i love it and these experiences are super good to have.. i wouldn't trade anything for it. i just wish that it would go you

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