Monday, July 26, 2010

Letter Home 7/26/2010

first off what is happening with Lopez??? he never was married or they were married and now divorced? what happened with want to say her name is Laura... that sounds crazy...that is crazy. I'm not sure what is happening with anything anymore. Lopez needs the gospel. try to send missionaries if you can. I'm not sure where he lives. is he still coaching??? he just needs to grow up. he is a kid. I'm not sure what to do with that..but its a good time to start something. he is going through problems he has a kid. its time i think.

what the is Aaron doing???? sorry. but honestly what is happening. is he going back into the seals program or don't finish stories at all you need to follow up and not just stop half way through....details you cant just drop all that on me like that.....good golly....

changes are Wednesday and I'm not sure what a transfer is....haha, but yea its weird to have the difference in languages in Spanish its cambios. changes cambiar is to change so its not transfers, changes are Wednesday. we find out tonight. and we wouldn't find out about district leader or all that till Wednesday...I'm trying to be patient but that has never been a strong suit of mine so its going to be fun and for the record i don't have a year in the mission yet so I'm not sure what you are talking about going by so fast. trying to cheat me out of my time here isn't fair momma.

not sure what is happening with all you people back there in AZ and Utah but here its going good just trying to finish up teaching these people before Saturday so that they can get dunked. i love you
elder price

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