Monday, January 25, 2010

Letter Home 1/25/2010

pues estamos tratando a trabajar pero cada dia es mas dificil que la ultima. a traves esto experiencia voy a aprender algo que puedo usar en mi vida y mi mision. realmente solo quiero escribir en espanol porque yo se que tu estas bien enojado y creo que es comico. pero tambien yo se que hay personas que pueden traducir esto. adam y madision son no mas??? que paso con ellos. el es bien ocupado con deportes y otros cosas pero un buen chica puede guardarle afuera de situaciones malos. pero fel es bien calidad y espero mas intelligente que yo. estoy bien tonto. en estos 5 meses y media aprendi bastante cosas pero creo que mas importante es un amor de el libro de mormon.

ok so im going to leave you hanging on what that says you can find someone to translate if you want to read it. but seriously.

ive learned a lot and i know that i could have learned it before if i wasnt so stupid. i was reading my bendicion patriarchal and it says that i need to prepare now to be ready when i went into the mission field and i wasnt as ready as i could of been but what a blessing in our lives to have the guidance of a Father in Heaven. i dont know exactly what all you people do with your time or if its only the people of guat that are so busy but we can all find 30 minutes out of our day to read the scriptures and study about somthing this important in our lives. an amazing book that you all should read is the book by elder ballard called our search for happiness. i read it this week and there is so much amazingness filled in that book im sure that adam has never read it but im not sure about you old lady, its for everyone and more for investigators but its awesome. so im goin to ask you and adam to read it and anyone else who hasnt to read it and when your done do as moroni, james, and elder ballard direct.. pray and ask god if the gospel of jesus christ is true. when you recieve your answers live up to that answer, that belief, that title. i have a daily reminder of who i represent on my chest but live like the person you all represent too. of course you all live normal lives but that is no excuse for not sharing what you believe. love you all
elder price

Carta de 01/25/10

pues este semana encontramos nueve personas a ensenar y ellos tienen membros de sus familias que son miembros de la iglesia. con ellos es poco dificil porque ellos son inactivos pero ellos les gustan la iglesia y quieren ayudarnos y uno que esta en nuestro barrio tenia un bebe como 2 semanas atras y ahora no puede ir a la iglesia pero quiere ir. ellos que estamos ensenando son jovenes pero bien calidad. (calidad es un palabra en guatemala que significa...mas o menos, cool) pero uno tiene 15 y el otro tiene 10. ellos vinieron a la iglesia y el que tiene 15 se llama marlon va a ir a seminario. ellos son buen personas tambien encontramos un otra persona. ella es un canada de un familiaa que ya ensenamos. 5 anos atras ella tenia un fecha batismal pero se fue 5 dias antes. es poco dificil a encontrarle porque ella trabaja mucho casi cada dia pero ella es pilas tambien.

mi vida en guatemala es bien differente. la obra es empezando a sentir normal y este es u nmanera que es mas dificil a escribir porque cada cosa es mismo para yo. ensenamos, encontramos, y estamos tratando a bautizar pero vamos a ver con estos nuevos. hay cosas que realmente no me gusta sobre esto pais pero a traves estos experiencias voy a ver cosas en un diferente manera y esto es bueno. espero que puedes entender mi espanol horrible...
elder price

This week we found 9 new people to teach and they have family members that are members of the church. It's a bit difficult with them because they are inactive. But they like the church and want to help us. One of them is in our ward and had a baby 2 weeks ago so she can't come to church now but she wants to. They people we're teaching are young, but cool. But one is 15 years old and the other is 10. They go to church and the 15 year old, Marlon, is going to go to seminary. They're good people. We also found a canadian lady in a family we've already taught. 5 years ago she had a baptismal date, but she left 5 days before the date. It's a bit difficult to get a hold of her because she works a lot, almost everyday.
My life in Guatemala is good/different. The work is beginning to feel normal and because of this, it's difficult to write about because everything this is the same. We teach, we find, and we're trying to baptize, but we'll see with these new people. There are things that in reality, I don't like about this country, but through these experiences I will see things differently and this is good.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Letter Home 1/18/10

OK so this week we had divisions with our zone leaders after zone conference so its been a weird week we had p day so not much time to work in the night, Tuesday we had district meeting so that takes up time, Wednesday we had zone conference and interviews after. so we were busy then i got back to my area on Friday morning so its been a weird week but we found like 6 new investigators which was good. its good to find new people. but they told us that we were doing divisions after zone conference so i didn't have anything with me like clothes or deodorant or contacts so it sucked but it was good. its good to change it up and learn what other people do. as of right now my ward is kind of hard we have 3 people leaving on missions but 2 were pretty involved in the ward functioning. so we will see what happens with that. but not much else is new with us. its just normal now. so I'm not sure what to tell you. but that's funny about Aaron. what was he hunting? but yea love you all
elder price

*****I replied to the above email fast and asked questions about the earthquake that Bishop had called to tell us about here are his responses to that*********

calmate, al suave. everything is good. there was like a tiny one that we felt but nothing fell over nothing moved there were some light poles moving but nothing serious. chill out.

no everything big is happening in Haiti. a member told us a bout it and showed us some pictures. its crazy. but i guess something happened in puerto rico tambien. in Guatemala its pretty chill. i was asked a question the other day about you. the question was what does your mom say to you when she sees all the crazy stuff that happens here?? do you know what happens here?? i don't know if you do or not....

its all good though. but nothing happened here. i got to go, love you
elder price


pues realmente nuestros investigadores son poco duro porque ellos no fueron a la iglesia encontramos nuevos pero es dificil por ellos a venir. siempre ellos tienen cosas que creen son mas importante, pero yo se que la iglesia es la cosa mas importante que podemos hacer. a traves los principios del evangelio podemos aprender como a vivir en este vida y la manera a regresar y vivir con dios. pero a veces es dificil a decir personas esto. no se que voy a hacer para ellos pero vamos a tratar. hoy estaba leyendo en un libro se llama our search for happiness y un relato sobre un hombre y dos misioneros. cuando el vio ellos el preguntó que ellos estan vendiendo, ellos le dijeron que ellos no estan vendiendo pero que ellos tienen es gratis. el fue un persona con problemas y pelo grande pero ellos escucharon a el espiritu y a traves ellos el tenia un cambio de corazon, a veces siento que un persona no quiren nada pero nosotros no podemos decidir quien es listo. como nosotros no podemos decidir quien es listo por el evangelio tambien no podemos saber cuando estamos listo por qualquier cosa que el senor nos da. tu sabes esto y que si tenemos fe en dios que sabe todo, todo va a estar bien. realmente yo se que dios sabe tu y yo y como nefi dijo el senor no va a dar nos un situacion que no podemos cumplir.
espero que puedes entender mi horrible espanol
elder price

Actually, our investigators are a bit hard because they didn't come to church. We find new people, but it's difficult for them to come to church. They always have things they believe are more important, but I know that the Gospel in the most important thing that we can do. Through the teachings of the gospel we can learn how to live in this life and how to return and live with God. But sometimes it's hard to tell people that. I don't know what I am going to do for them, but we are going to try. Today I was reading in the book "Our search for happiness" about a story of a man and two missionaries. When the man saw the missionaries, he asked them what they were selling. They told him that they were not selling, but what they had was free. The man had many problems and struggles, but the missionaries listened to the spirit and through them he had a change of heart. Sometimes I feel people don't want anything, but we can not decide who is ready for the Gospel. We also don't know when we are ready for whatever thing the Lord may give us. You know this, and also that if we have faith in God who knows everything, everything will be okay. I know that God knows you and me, and like Nefi said, the Lord will not give us a situation that we can't accomplish.

Monday, January 11, 2010


we dont really hear that much that goes on in the country as far as politics we dont even hear what goes on in our area. like the other day three people were killed like 2 miles from our house and we didnt know about it for a couple days. so we dont know anything i heard that there was a new pres in honduras but only because there are missionaries that i know from honduras, its hard to really pay attention with what goes on. its all good though. its not important what happens in the country unless they decide to start killing missionaries. but this week has been good. not much new.thanks for your prayers. love you
elder price

Letter Home 1/11/10

I asked him 10 questions and his letter answers those.
1. How are things with your companion?
2. Are you able to work together?
3. What is the weather like? Are you cold?
4. Who does your laundry?
5. How are you eating? And what are you eating?
6. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
7. How do the people treat you?
8. What is the best thing about being on a mission?
9. Are you writing in your journal?
10. Are you studying Spanish more?

His letter

its good with my comp.we are trying to stay busy but as the days go by he just seems to get slower and slower. not sure what i can do to help him but I'm doing my best. he is looking forward to go home in 4 weeks more. its getting frustrating at times but if we plan well its a lot easier to work. i just have to start planning.

its really cold in the mornings and in the nights. but during the day its hot. not sure what is up with the weather. just trying to deal with it but I'm really not used to cold. at least its not snowing.

our bishops mother in law does the laundry for us we pay her and she does it. it takes a couple of days to do cause drying time and stuff like that. its all hang dried.

we eat in our comedor breakfast and lunch and for dinner we eat at members house but not every night i eat a lot of pan cause its cheap and there are panaderias everywhere. so its all good but i think I'm getting fat and losing my hair. when i do my hair or something i get hair all over my hands so I'm freaking out a little bit.

its a house but we have half of it the owners live below us on the bottom level. its all good though. we don't see them a lot and we have an entrance

depends on the people some don't like gringos but others do and the members like us so yea. just depends how do people like you? people are people...

the best thing about being on a mission is the time to study Ive come to appreciate the scriptures a lot more
every night i write something in my journal

Spanish is more difficult but I'm trying to study more. its getting easier to understand but i have a long way to go.

hey i want a jump rope. if that's I'm pretty sure that i have one somewhere at home if you could find that. other that that i don't think that there is anything

so what is happening at home. are the kids at school i just sent josh an email. so yea. how is everything???

love you all.
elder price

Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter to David 1/4/2010

it was good to talk to you guys too. this is probably the hardest time of my mission so far being away from all yall at the holidays but i have come to appreciate family a lot more since being away from you all. its weird to be away but its becoming easier. the lord is helping me with this, i remember being in cali and it was a lot harder to be away than it is now. that is a blessing from the lord. through everything that happens if we are faithful we can do anything. i know that the lord is watching out for me and all i have to do is obey and have faith. Jared has sent me 2 real letters and they both have had awesome scriptures that just what i need, i have learned that scriptures truly are meant for us and are exactly what we need to get through this life, i never really studied the scriptures before and they are amazing. why was i so stupid before. if you think about it the book of Mormon is the greatest action movie there ever could be there is everything in there. its so interesting and we learn so much.
thanks for trying to teach me true principles, sorry for not listening. love you elder price

Letter H0ome 1/4/2010

hey that's cool that everyone is good. what kind of stuff did Adam get I'm not sure what he means by free stuff. what like gloves or other stuff like that. so what have all of you been doing over Christmas and new years?? what is a normal holiday like back home. like a lot of people want to know what its like back home and I'm not sure what is really happening, so an explanation would be nice. but yea. so for Christmas and New Years they are crazy with fireworks. we haven't has any new investigators or anything but we are looking for a lot of the old ones that past missionaries have taught, going through area book and stuff and getting help from members with inactives and stuff. but yea so you need to ask me questions and stuff so i know what to write about and stuff. its hard to just write about nothing. but i love you all and hope that your holidays were good but we still have some more holidays to celebrate. day of kings is the 6th. jealous aren't you. its the day that the wise men visited Christ. they celebrate it here. its different culture and stuff.
elder price
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(1 Corinthians 2:9 <>;
D&C 76:10 <>;

I bear witness of the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the
truth of this, His Church. I testify with all my heart and soul that God
lives, that Jesus Christ is His Son and stands at the head of this great
Church. We have a prophet on the earth again, even President Thomas S.

Letter Home 12/28/2009

hey so i don't have changes so I'm going to be in this area for 6 months, i am killing this kid but its all good for some reason i need to do this again. so I'm with him for 3 months and then next change ill get a new comp in this area. i don't have any questions so yea, don't know what to say and stuff. just chilling in Guatemala i got pictures of that hat that i sleep in when its really cold. its pretty legit and stuff. so i thought that you said you were going to send a package or something and i would like these pens. they are the pilot g-2 05 pens the gel ink kind they work really well, so yea. other than that i got nothing really exciting ill do better about taking pictures of stuff that happens i haven't really cared that much but i know after i will be. love you all and it was awesome to talk to all yall even though you all wanted to kick me off the phone, all my group talked to there familias for like 2 or 3 hours, some used skype too so yea. so all you old people were emotional and stuff???
so the pics

1. pila pila its what we use for water when we dont have any. what is the the blog thing website??
2. dressor thing
3. sweet knife
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Elder Seth Price

i just saw 2 things that were random on our family blog, adam without pants and adam and dad singing, pues i need to go. love you
elder price