Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter Home 12/28/2009

hey so i don't have changes so I'm going to be in this area for 6 months, i am killing this kid but its all good for some reason i need to do this again. so I'm with him for 3 months and then next change ill get a new comp in this area. i don't have any questions so yea, don't know what to say and stuff. just chilling in Guatemala i got pictures of that hat that i sleep in when its really cold. its pretty legit and stuff. so i thought that you said you were going to send a package or something and i would like these pens. they are the pilot g-2 05 pens the gel ink kind they work really well, so yea. other than that i got nothing really exciting ill do better about taking pictures of stuff that happens i haven't really cared that much but i know after i will be. love you all and it was awesome to talk to all yall even though you all wanted to kick me off the phone, all my group talked to there familias for like 2 or 3 hours, some used skype too so yea. so all you old people were emotional and stuff???
so the pics

1. pila pila its what we use for water when we dont have any. what is the the blog thing website??
2. dressor thing
3. sweet knife
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Elder Seth Price

i just saw 2 things that were random on our family blog, adam without pants and adam and dad singing, pues i need to go. love you
elder price

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