Monday, January 25, 2010

Letter Home 1/25/2010

pues estamos tratando a trabajar pero cada dia es mas dificil que la ultima. a traves esto experiencia voy a aprender algo que puedo usar en mi vida y mi mision. realmente solo quiero escribir en espanol porque yo se que tu estas bien enojado y creo que es comico. pero tambien yo se que hay personas que pueden traducir esto. adam y madision son no mas??? que paso con ellos. el es bien ocupado con deportes y otros cosas pero un buen chica puede guardarle afuera de situaciones malos. pero fel es bien calidad y espero mas intelligente que yo. estoy bien tonto. en estos 5 meses y media aprendi bastante cosas pero creo que mas importante es un amor de el libro de mormon.

ok so im going to leave you hanging on what that says you can find someone to translate if you want to read it. but seriously.

ive learned a lot and i know that i could have learned it before if i wasnt so stupid. i was reading my bendicion patriarchal and it says that i need to prepare now to be ready when i went into the mission field and i wasnt as ready as i could of been but what a blessing in our lives to have the guidance of a Father in Heaven. i dont know exactly what all you people do with your time or if its only the people of guat that are so busy but we can all find 30 minutes out of our day to read the scriptures and study about somthing this important in our lives. an amazing book that you all should read is the book by elder ballard called our search for happiness. i read it this week and there is so much amazingness filled in that book im sure that adam has never read it but im not sure about you old lady, its for everyone and more for investigators but its awesome. so im goin to ask you and adam to read it and anyone else who hasnt to read it and when your done do as moroni, james, and elder ballard direct.. pray and ask god if the gospel of jesus christ is true. when you recieve your answers live up to that answer, that belief, that title. i have a daily reminder of who i represent on my chest but live like the person you all represent too. of course you all live normal lives but that is no excuse for not sharing what you believe. love you all
elder price

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