Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter to David 1/4/2010

it was good to talk to you guys too. this is probably the hardest time of my mission so far being away from all yall at the holidays but i have come to appreciate family a lot more since being away from you all. its weird to be away but its becoming easier. the lord is helping me with this, i remember being in cali and it was a lot harder to be away than it is now. that is a blessing from the lord. through everything that happens if we are faithful we can do anything. i know that the lord is watching out for me and all i have to do is obey and have faith. Jared has sent me 2 real letters and they both have had awesome scriptures that just what i need, i have learned that scriptures truly are meant for us and are exactly what we need to get through this life, i never really studied the scriptures before and they are amazing. why was i so stupid before. if you think about it the book of Mormon is the greatest action movie there ever could be there is everything in there. its so interesting and we learn so much.
thanks for trying to teach me true principles, sorry for not listening. love you elder price

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