Monday, October 25, 2010

Letter Home 10/25/2010

OK so i feel like this is the only thing that has really happened this week. its been a hard week i was looking forward to changes and was basically guaranteed that i would have them and than i did not. so i am still in the same area and with the same companion so its all good. I'm not sure what is happening but i guess i have something else t learn in this area. or someone else to help I'm not sure. but the comedors brother came to church for the 2 weeks in a row after 12 years of not i hope that he will start assisting his own ward he lives in the stake but not his ward we just met him through the comedor and he likes coming here he doesn't know anythone in his own ward.....

at least he is coming to church. you forgot to help me out with my request of help but its all good. you cant just do things for others or it will just frustrate or finally not want to do it and hate it for them "forcing" you to do least that is what i think. its like converts they can feel good and feel like it is good but if they don't pray and find out for themselves they will not stay active in the church when they first trial comes they wont be able to handle it and will leave the Church....everyone needs their own testimony just let him find out...i love you
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Letter to David

ok so there was changes but i am still here and so is my comp so noting new there. i am happy t obe here but struggling with my comp naion.....he is difficult to understand sometimes...i asked pres about it in the last interviews...he told me about a companion of his in his mission...he said that this companion really tried to love him and part of that was that he gave of everything he had...he wanted to share and really work together on p day and stuff the first thing we do is split up and do some divisions to get away from each other but he said that this companion always stayed with him and really helped him progress in English so that he wouldn't feel uncomfortable when he was around its really important to love tahat was the advice that pres gave me to love. so that is what i am trying to do and to listen to his input and what he wants to try to understand him better and why he does things different...

they dont celebrate Halloween in some Latin countries they have dia de los muertos or day of the dead to homor and remember there ancestors but that is more popular in mexico so they don't really do anythintg for this time. they have this food that is in November called fiambre that is a bunch of different meat but into one dish. so i will be eating that in a couple weeks i think i have talked my comedor into celbrating thanksgiving with us...that is in a month but its harder to do things last minute i have learned. and especially for something like turkey it is expensive and its a lot harder to do in this country...i found someone who trians all the people who work for Pillsbury in central America and he is going to hel me with a pumpkin we will celebrate thanksgiving this year it was a little weird last year...well pop i ate something that i never wanted to. it was actually not bad i just had to get over the fact that i knew what i was eating...stomach...its actually not bad...i liked it its chewy yea that is my weird food experience of the you and hope all is well at home.
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carta 10/25

pues no estoyt enfermo. senti mejor este semana u realmente si tengo problemas con mi compa pero todo esta mejorando. solo con tiempo creo. pero si. entonces este semana era de los cambios. y nos avisaron lunes pasado en la noche. no teniamos cambios entonces estoy en lo mismo area con el mismo companero voy a tener casi seis meses en este area. entonces esta bien por que mi cmpanero es un poco raro pero estamso trabajando y todo.

ok pero si. este semana nos avisaron de un reunion que tuvimos con el presidente de mision. y fuimos y el nos dijo todas las cosas que estamos haciendo mal el la mison como siempre pero tenemos un nuevo pareja de viejos. se llaman elder y hna hatch. son buenas viejos pero no haablan muy bien el espanol. es como casi podemos entender en espanol pero son comicos. no tengo mucho a escribir este semana. saber porque. pues si espero que todo esta bien con tu. te quiero

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Well I’m not sick. I felt better this week. truth be told, I have problems with my companion but everything’s getting better… just with time I think. But ya it was exchange week and they let us know last Monday night, we didn’t have exchanges so I’m in the same area with the same companion and I will have been in this area for almost 6 months now. So it’s okay because my companion is a little weird but we’re working and all.

Okay so ya this week they told us we had a meeting with the mission president and so we went and he told us all the things that we’re doing poorly en the mission as always, but we have a new senior couple. They are Elder and Sister Hatch. They’re a good senior couple but they don’t speak Spanish very well. We can barely understand them in Spanish, but they’re funny. I don’t have much to write this week. So ya I hope that everything is good with you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter Home 10/18/2010

well i am taking care of myself. the lady is super crazy but is awesome. they are loud and crazy and remind me of home. but its all good, there are even little kids.

ok but so i found out what is holding back one of my the problem was that she needed to get married. but that problem was with papers. so we were like ok we will go get the papers and all that stuff all we need is your complete names. than she said oh well i actually already have my papers ok so we will go talk to bishop who is a lawyer and set up the marriage. uh elders yo no quiero casarme...or elders i don't want to get married...WHAT!!! why, well i can't tell you now i will tell you on Sunday when the kids aren't there...ok so i waited all week cause that happened on Tuesday.....Sunday comes around. after church i was like can we talk now...she was like ok so we went outside and she told us that she has a lot of problems with her boyfriend and that they are going to separate so i was like ok you know the importance of the family and how they are meant to be together, she was like yea. but he doesn't want me to come to the church and he is trying to stop me and stuff. oh well that is a little different so i was like ok well when i was a little mean but its better to do it fast than to live in than the other problem came out. if she kicks him out because they live with all her family that he will take their 2 kids. i have never had a situation like that mom what would you tell her?? i know nothing about that kind of help....

i love you and hope that everything is good for you guys

Adam emailed me...have a good week

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Monday, October 11, 2010

carta 10/11

ok entonces mi semana fue un poco mal tambien no he mencionado ninguna cosa pero estos ultimos 2 semanas he estado enfermo no puedo hacer mucho y tengo un gran dolor de cabeza y mi garganta y todo pero esta bien mi toz esta mejorando...

ok entonces en esta mal noticia siempre estamos haciendo trabajo pero un poco meos este semana no tengo mucho energia peor no me importa. los miembros me dicen que la razon que no estoy mejor es porque no me cuida. me bano con agua fria y siempre estamos afuera. pero si..

ok este semana fue un poco lento por esto.....

que puedo tomar que es bueno para estos symptoms. trabajas en un farmacia que me puedes recomendar???

ok entonces miercoles,

despierto me lucho a salir de la cama. oro y voy al bano. me recoerde que el espejo se cayo y no tenemos mas que pedacitos. tenemos uj gran espejo pero no esta en el bano. uso el bano y todo de esto....salgo y trato a encontrar mi desayuno. siempre es lo mismo pues solo tengo dos opciones. avena o pankakes. pero mi pankake mix termino entonces queria hacer mis ejercicios. estudiamos. y vamos a trabajar. en la manana es bien lento solo estamos contactando. encontramos un hombre se llama edgar pero no es nuevo es un antiguo investigador, es loco tenemos citas por otros dias pero nadie bien pilas...vamos a almuerzo y el comedor siempre me dice que no me cuida y que quiere llamar a mi mama para decirle que tengo que cuidarme mas. nada mas paso solo visitamos otros en la noche y todo de esto. pero este es mi vida y realmente nada cambia mucho siempre visitamos y siempre estamos tratando a encontrar. te quiero

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(I asked Seth to tell me about one single day from his week and tell me everything that happened that day…. That’s why he is giving weird details about his Wednesday)

Well my week was kinda bad too, I haven’t mentioned anything, but the last two weeks I’ve been sick and I can’t do much and I have a bad headache and my throat and all but it’s okay my cough is getting better.

Well even with this bad news we’re always doing work but a little less this week. I don’t have much energy but whatever. The members say the reason I’m not better is because I don’t take care of myself. I shower in cold water and we’re always outside. But ya…

So this week was kinda slow. What could I take that is good for these symptoms? You work in a pharmacy what could you recommend to me?

Okay well Wednesday.

I woke up and fought to get out of bed. I prayed and went to the bathroom. I remembered that the clock fell and all we have now are little pieces of clock. We have a big clock but it’s not in the bathroom. I use the bathroom and all of that… I leave and try to find my breakfast. It’s always the same, I only have two options. Oats or pancakes. But my pancake mix was gone so oats… I didn’t want to do my exercises. We studied and went to work. In the morning it was pretty slow, we were just contacting. We ran across a man named Edgar but he’s not a new contact, he’s an old investigator, he’s crazy (it’s crazy) we have appointment on other days but no one very good… We went to eat lunch and the cook is always telling me that I don’t take care of myself and that she wants to call my mom to tell her that I need to take care of myself more. Not much else happened, we just visit others at night and all that. But this is my life and really nothing changes much we’re always visiting and trying to find people.

that was a good talk i didn't get to hear all of it the first cut out during our session over her e the signal left. so it was good to read it...

so Columbus day what technically is that day celebrating??? when he supposedly landed in the Americas or what....

so i think that we don't get that Holiday off either, for one it is not celebrated here and 2 we don't get Holiday's off..just Christmas and just to talk to our families. so yea.

well its good to hear about everything that is happening at home it seems like everything is changing and if Jared cant recognize Caleb's voice i have no idea how i am going to be able to...jared talks to him like 1 a week or do they talk to them when you skype.

thanks for sending the package, i dont know what your talking about the ugly words in spanish. so yea haha. hey ave you heard from Tim?? how is he doing in Texas?? what is new with his family?? his dad in particular i remember you saying something about a change that started when Tim left. how is that going??

so this week was good I'm dying of sickness but I'm good a hermana in my ward wants to call you and complain how i don't take care of myself and you need to yell at me cause i don't that is news but i told her that you don't speak Spanish and she says that i am lucky ¡, but people are confused when i tell them that my family only speaks English they all want to know where i learned my its either that they are being really nice or my Spanish is actually that makes me feel somewhat good. little kids are the worst i said that i have a dog in Arizona, and a little boy of like 6 or 7 years asked me, and it understands English??? i was confused and said yea she understands English she doesn't speak but she understands. he was thinking that all dogs understand Spanish and not English...i was trying not to laugh. so yea.

make sure you are doing your family home evenings and reading the book of Mormon as a family. make the house a place where the spirit can be but not just where it can be but where it is. if there is problems the spirit will work on you all and everyone will want to change. nothing can happen until we want to change. if we are forced to it is not changing. just doing what you want. everyone will be OK. i love you and know that you worry too much but normally these feelings are right.

tell Adam to write me .

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Letter Home 10/4/2010

well first of all conference was awesome. i was a little disappointed that we didn't get to hear from the prophet...we did but i felt like last conference he spoke more. he didn’t conduct anything and didn’t really talk in the first session at all...just to announce the 5 new temples..but it was awesome to hear all the talks and all that. the gringos listened to it in a different room so it was fun to listen in English it is a lot easier to just focus and not get caught up on the Spanish...not that its super hard to listen in Spanish but its just better in my opinion to hear their own some things that i liked from conference....

president uchtdorf said that we need to learn to see ourselves as God does. if we see our potential and not what we are but what we can grow to be we will see ourselves in a whole new light and it will be easier to do what is right. we are his children and i think sometimes we as humans forget that..

D Todd Chkristofferson said that we need to consecrate our lives so that when he comes we are ready...its not something that will happen we need to serve and help others and strive to be like Christ. i htoght that was awesome when i think of the law of consecration normally i think of things that we have possessions but its a whole new aspect to think of my own life...he also said that life offers 2 things and they are time and what we do with that time i think that is good because that is really all we are here to do spend time and learn through our choices. so it is pretty simple way to explain it...

there are more things that i liked these are just a few but i need to write everyone else. last thing that elder arnold guy said stupid cow in his talk i was surprised. but he had an awesome talk on choices.the cow story was super good...

love you pop.

so i just saw the video and i think its funny but you forgot a little thing called weight classes... caleb weighs how much more than josh??

ok so yea i watched all the sessions we were in the chapel all day Saturday. i think we were the only ones who stayed the whole time its different here, people think that its not neccesaey to watch all the sessions just on Sunday, so I'm not sure why that is they just don't see the importance or something...

14 months tomorrow. its fast and I'm not sure what is going to happen its weird that a lot of my friends and stuff are going home so I'm not sure what that means but i hear the more time you have in mission the fewer people you know and your last change in mission you don't know anyone but who is in your group it seems like. so its weird being older in mission but its just normal now its comfortable to do this. i Love being here and really helping people.

so dad told me more details than you did about your new job...congrats on that. its weird to think of you being out of the house and all that i liked getting home and having you there I'm not sure what is happening at home in the video everyone there is different, you got a new tv i saw..but its going to be completely different when i arrive home.. hope everything is good for you guys and that you all watched conference for all the much time in missino does Lynette have?? she is up there istn she?

did you send that package that you said you would or toda via you
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Carta 10/4

well this week the thing that i reamember most was saturday and sunday...i think saturday was the best day. all day in church and that may sound sarcastic but im serious i never thought that i would love sitting in church all day. so we wake up do our normal study and get ready thing and than we go to the church. we get there at like 9 30 and are stoked for conference we set up our english room to hear the prophets actual voice and than we wait. talk and are all super excited. than it starts and the spanish people come and take over our room because tehre is no signal in the chapel they try to change it to spanish but in guatemala they dont have it broadcasting in spanish just english and portugues. so we watch it in engish and they sit there frustrated. than it cuts out completly in hollands talk...bummer i love holland he always has super god than it comes back like 5 minutes later and they just figure somting out so we get our room back the missionary room with english.....
i love confernce and learned so much cool stuff. i wish that i listened to conference like this before but its so cool to llisten to them. they need to do it 4 times a year instead of 2...its not enough. ok so we watch and i take notes for it all. we go to taco bell, it was saturday, and eat go back ot the church and than listen to the goodness of the gospel otra vez.. we stayed adn jsut talked played uno it was a lazy day and we werent near our area. we would of had to take a 30 minute bus back to our we stayed adn than listed to the priesthood session which i think is always the best sorry....but yea than we went back to our area and the bishop dropped us off at like 8 it was a wicked awesome you hope you enjoyed conference as much as i did.
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