Monday, October 4, 2010

Carta 10/4

well this week the thing that i reamember most was saturday and sunday...i think saturday was the best day. all day in church and that may sound sarcastic but im serious i never thought that i would love sitting in church all day. so we wake up do our normal study and get ready thing and than we go to the church. we get there at like 9 30 and are stoked for conference we set up our english room to hear the prophets actual voice and than we wait. talk and are all super excited. than it starts and the spanish people come and take over our room because tehre is no signal in the chapel they try to change it to spanish but in guatemala they dont have it broadcasting in spanish just english and portugues. so we watch it in engish and they sit there frustrated. than it cuts out completly in hollands talk...bummer i love holland he always has super god than it comes back like 5 minutes later and they just figure somting out so we get our room back the missionary room with english.....
i love confernce and learned so much cool stuff. i wish that i listened to conference like this before but its so cool to llisten to them. they need to do it 4 times a year instead of 2...its not enough. ok so we watch and i take notes for it all. we go to taco bell, it was saturday, and eat go back ot the church and than listen to the goodness of the gospel otra vez.. we stayed adn jsut talked played uno it was a lazy day and we werent near our area. we would of had to take a 30 minute bus back to our we stayed adn than listed to the priesthood session which i think is always the best sorry....but yea than we went back to our area and the bishop dropped us off at like 8 it was a wicked awesome you hope you enjoyed conference as much as i did.
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