Monday, October 4, 2010

Letter Home 10/4/2010

well first of all conference was awesome. i was a little disappointed that we didn't get to hear from the prophet...we did but i felt like last conference he spoke more. he didn’t conduct anything and didn’t really talk in the first session at all...just to announce the 5 new temples..but it was awesome to hear all the talks and all that. the gringos listened to it in a different room so it was fun to listen in English it is a lot easier to just focus and not get caught up on the Spanish...not that its super hard to listen in Spanish but its just better in my opinion to hear their own some things that i liked from conference....

president uchtdorf said that we need to learn to see ourselves as God does. if we see our potential and not what we are but what we can grow to be we will see ourselves in a whole new light and it will be easier to do what is right. we are his children and i think sometimes we as humans forget that..

D Todd Chkristofferson said that we need to consecrate our lives so that when he comes we are ready...its not something that will happen we need to serve and help others and strive to be like Christ. i htoght that was awesome when i think of the law of consecration normally i think of things that we have possessions but its a whole new aspect to think of my own life...he also said that life offers 2 things and they are time and what we do with that time i think that is good because that is really all we are here to do spend time and learn through our choices. so it is pretty simple way to explain it...

there are more things that i liked these are just a few but i need to write everyone else. last thing that elder arnold guy said stupid cow in his talk i was surprised. but he had an awesome talk on choices.the cow story was super good...

love you pop.

so i just saw the video and i think its funny but you forgot a little thing called weight classes... caleb weighs how much more than josh??

ok so yea i watched all the sessions we were in the chapel all day Saturday. i think we were the only ones who stayed the whole time its different here, people think that its not neccesaey to watch all the sessions just on Sunday, so I'm not sure why that is they just don't see the importance or something...

14 months tomorrow. its fast and I'm not sure what is going to happen its weird that a lot of my friends and stuff are going home so I'm not sure what that means but i hear the more time you have in mission the fewer people you know and your last change in mission you don't know anyone but who is in your group it seems like. so its weird being older in mission but its just normal now its comfortable to do this. i Love being here and really helping people.

so dad told me more details than you did about your new job...congrats on that. its weird to think of you being out of the house and all that i liked getting home and having you there I'm not sure what is happening at home in the video everyone there is different, you got a new tv i saw..but its going to be completely different when i arrive home.. hope everything is good for you guys and that you all watched conference for all the much time in missino does Lynette have?? she is up there istn she?

did you send that package that you said you would or toda via you
elder price

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