Monday, October 25, 2010

Letter Home 10/25/2010

OK so i feel like this is the only thing that has really happened this week. its been a hard week i was looking forward to changes and was basically guaranteed that i would have them and than i did not. so i am still in the same area and with the same companion so its all good. I'm not sure what is happening but i guess i have something else t learn in this area. or someone else to help I'm not sure. but the comedors brother came to church for the 2 weeks in a row after 12 years of not i hope that he will start assisting his own ward he lives in the stake but not his ward we just met him through the comedor and he likes coming here he doesn't know anythone in his own ward.....

at least he is coming to church. you forgot to help me out with my request of help but its all good. you cant just do things for others or it will just frustrate or finally not want to do it and hate it for them "forcing" you to do least that is what i think. its like converts they can feel good and feel like it is good but if they don't pray and find out for themselves they will not stay active in the church when they first trial comes they wont be able to handle it and will leave the Church....everyone needs their own testimony just let him find out...i love you
elder price

Letter to David

ok so there was changes but i am still here and so is my comp so noting new there. i am happy t obe here but struggling with my comp naion.....he is difficult to understand sometimes...i asked pres about it in the last interviews...he told me about a companion of his in his mission...he said that this companion really tried to love him and part of that was that he gave of everything he had...he wanted to share and really work together on p day and stuff the first thing we do is split up and do some divisions to get away from each other but he said that this companion always stayed with him and really helped him progress in English so that he wouldn't feel uncomfortable when he was around its really important to love tahat was the advice that pres gave me to love. so that is what i am trying to do and to listen to his input and what he wants to try to understand him better and why he does things different...

they dont celebrate Halloween in some Latin countries they have dia de los muertos or day of the dead to homor and remember there ancestors but that is more popular in mexico so they don't really do anythintg for this time. they have this food that is in November called fiambre that is a bunch of different meat but into one dish. so i will be eating that in a couple weeks i think i have talked my comedor into celbrating thanksgiving with us...that is in a month but its harder to do things last minute i have learned. and especially for something like turkey it is expensive and its a lot harder to do in this country...i found someone who trians all the people who work for Pillsbury in central America and he is going to hel me with a pumpkin we will celebrate thanksgiving this year it was a little weird last year...well pop i ate something that i never wanted to. it was actually not bad i just had to get over the fact that i knew what i was eating...stomach...its actually not bad...i liked it its chewy yea that is my weird food experience of the you and hope all is well at home.
elder price

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