Monday, September 27, 2010

Carta 9/27

pues este semana fue bien. no mucho paso. yo y mi compaƱero estamos trabajando duro y estamos tratando a hacer toda a tener el espiritu, a veces es dificil a tenerlo cuando estamos frustrados o algo nos pasa en lacalle cuando personas nos grita o nos da el se como se dice flip us offf.....pero no me importa ahorita. no hay nada que puedo hacer con estos personas. pero no se como es para los misioneros que estan el los estados o en otros pais pero no hay problema...

entonces es buena a escuchar como estas y todo de esto se porque pero los misioneros en guatemala solo podemos asistir el templo una vez cada tres chafa pero no se como son en otros lugares...pero este es la encanta el templo tambien y quiero asistir mas pero en este momento no puedo...te quiero y espero que todo esta bien con ustedes..
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Well this week was good. Not much happened. My companion and I are working hard and we’re trying to do everything to have the spirit with us. Sometimes it’s difficult to have the spirit with us when we are frustrated or something passes us in the street or when people yell at us or give us the finger… I don’t know how to say flip us of… but it doesn’t matter now. There isn’t anything I can do with those people. But I don’t know how it is for the missionaries in the states or in other countries but there’s not a problem…

Well it’s good to hear how you are doing and all… I don’t know why but the missionaries in Guatemala can only attend the temple once every three months… it stinks but I don’t know what its like in other places… but that’s life… I love the temple too and I want to attend more but right now I can’t.

Letter Home 9/27/10

well that means that i have to talk two times when i get home one in our ward and one in the branch with probably a teaching assignment in the branch too. i am pretty sure that is what Trevor's brother did when he got home from his mission if i remember right to Venezuela...but its all good at least i will be able to keep up with the Spanish and all that so that will be god.

his English is good but there are definitely things that are backwards when he talks and stuff i was talking to some of the other elders who are gringos and they were talking about how their families say that a lot of the time they don't write things how they are supposed to. do i do that because when we talk in English we see that stuff is wrong with what we say but its mostly the greenies that see it so what do you think do i write everything good??

i got a letter from Jared and Jenna and to my surprise i know what is up with them...... Hannah said something about you seeing Efrain Felix at qt how are they doing? where are they from?? Mexico or some other place?? so its good to here from all you all!

what is going on with the young mens and all that..president allen is still in as pres right?? since everything else is changing i just wanted to know if that had changed yet.

what do you mean that Caleb is just like me?? he was pretty normal and stuff when i left and i don't koiw if you could call me normal by any means.. so what do you people mean and i hope he gets to growing that kid was a legal midget when i left...but the brown ones are the shorter of the family.. Jared me and Caleb...Aaron Adam and josh are the bigger ones...

so this week was good we are working and stuff and we found a new family that we are trying to complete. the mom is a member and has been for a while but has not come to church in 8 years she showed up to church on Sunday and was like hky my name is lylian and i want you and your companion to come over for a noche de hogar. my daughter is 11 and not baptised well shoot when can we come over and where do you we are going over today in the night and stuff. that was my good week end. and i have conference to look forward to so its will be antoher good weekend. love you
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter Home 9/20/2010

i like Jenna. it has really helped me that she writes me. i have come to know her through these letters every week. its weird when she doesn't write.

but how is Aaron's eyes. did the surgery work and all that or what happened with his eyes..where is he working now...

why would Adam play soccer??' can he be goalie??
does he know the rules to soccer??

did she go with mack to the Jonas brothers concert? why did she think that she wouldn't like it....

that is weird about Caleb's foot... what is wrong with it, well not wrong but different about it.

so this week was good we are doing better as a companionship working together more and stuff. he has 9 months in mission today so that is cool i guess. so yea things are going good. we baptised yesterday but i don't have pictures of it. my camera is being stupid, but what ever i will remember it...

so what are you all doing now that everyone is so busy with different sports and all that you are lucky that there isn't anyone wrestling. because you couldn't go to the tournaments i know how you loved going to those all day...haha..but seriously that would suck not having anyone at the was always good to look up and see you and lyd...not that i am talking serious or anything cause it never mattered if you were there or thanks for all that you have done for me. you have always been there to support us in whatever dumb sport we decide to do. thanks but i think a lot has changed now that you are just as busy as the rest of us.. love you mom
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Letter to David

hey pop..
so not much has changed after all. still cant get everyone up and around to get the bus....

so we are working together and trying to be united in the work and all that fun stuff. i know that if we can we will have success but it’s just a matter of doing it. i think that like you said about a state of mind,… with being happy that this too is a state of mind. everything that we do in life depends on our attitude. if someone has a desafio (challenge) with smoking and really wants to quit they can if they put their mind in the attitude of them being able to do it’s really up to me to be united with my companion..there is nothing stopping us just our own stubbornness so this week i have been working on it and i am going to continue working on t to break the cycle or whatever you want to call it...

so yea that is what i have been thinking about this week and all that good stuff..

i think that is a world wide problem of getting people to attend the meetings. it doenst matter who you have speak or the team or what ever but if they don't show up there isn't going to be any changes or anything..what is the normal attendance in our ward. in many people attend weekly??

so how are you doing?? what is new with you?? i love you dad.
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Carta 9/20

si todo con mi companero es mejor. mejorando cada dia. solo tenemos que acustumbrarnos. pero bien calidad. es dificil, el quiere practicar su ingles y yo mi espanol entonces es dificil. en la callle es mas espanglish. porque yo empieco a hablar en espanol t termino hablando en ingles...o el a veces no sabe como a decir cosas en ingles entonces cambia a espanol...pero el me ayuda con espanol y yo le ayudo con ingles es buena...

estamos en la fase a encontrar otra vez. estamos faltando en investigadores ahorita. pero toda esta bien. solo tenemos que trabajar mas con los miembros yo estaba buscando en la capeta de area y yo vi que casi todos los bautismos son referencias de miembros cuando nos dan referencias bautizamos y ellos estan activos entonces tenemos que enfocar mas en los miembros...
te quiero
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Ya everything with my companion is better. We’re getting better every day. We just have to get used to each other. It’s difficult, he wants to practice English and I want to practice my Spanish so it’s hard. In the streets it’s more of like Spanglish. Because I start to speak in Spanish and end speaking in English or he sometimes doesn’t know how to say things in English so he changes to Spanish, but he helps me with Spanish and I help him with English, it’s good…

We are in a finding phase again. We’re lacking in investigators right now. But it’s all good. We just need to work more with the members, I was searching in the area folder and I saw that almost all of the baptisms are references from members. When they give us references, we baptize and they are active. So we have to focus more on the members.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter Home 9/13/2010

OK so the drill as you called it is this my companion is called elder Martinez he is from El Salvador. very proud of his country....not sure why but I'm still senior companion and I'm still in nueva montserrat. same area. so this week has been slow with trying to teach him the area and my old comp saying good bye to everyone and stuff. so its been slow but its been a week of change. you know me i hate change so its been kinda frustrating but i am getting used to it and stuff. but I'm not sure what else about changes that you want to hear. oh yea. so at changes they told me i was district i was like ok but whatever it cant be that hard . then they called me the next day and told me that I'm not so I'm pretty stoked that I'm not. i don't want to have to deal with the stupid people that just came into the district its going to be a lot of work. the other missionaries are not the best workers so we will see what happens with that...trying to figure out why some people are on missions.

so officially i know no one in our ward. the only guy i know is steve murphy if that is the dude who is the dad of the girl who is married with kyle willman....i forgot her name....

so i was studying the lesson for principles of the gospel and it was talking about how God answers prayers. and more often than not it is through other people. as a missionary i have been able to meet a lot of people and talk to them about the gospel and really we are those who answer prayers if we listen to the spirit and do what it says then we will meet people and be able to help those that are asking for it...i love the opportunity i have hadto be here in Guatemala and serve a misson.

hope that everything is good back home. love you
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Letter to David

hey so i didn’t have changes but my comp did so i have a new companion....his name is elder martinez and he is from el salvador...its been a good week kinda slow but it will change i think...

so its super exciting that conference is coming up...i never thought of conference that way until the last conference before mission when i really tried to listen and took notes. we learn so much and really have the opportunity to learn so much. i know that if we go into conference with questions that we will receive answers. H Heavenly father always wants to help us we just have to listen and be open when the answers come. conference is awesome i just wish that i could have seen that before...i wasted so much time before my mission...there is always a better way to spend time i think that it was pres hinckley that said that everyday we need to try a little harder to be a little better. if we are better a little bit everyday than we are on the right track...

so this week we were walking down a street talking with my last comp and then this guy stoped us...he wanted to know where the church is...he wanted to go to the church and stuff..but we were struggling with finding new investigators. we are trying to find new ones but its been really was an answer to prayer that we were able to talk to this guy..but he came to church yesterday.. so I'm super excited to see what happens with this guy named Jose...

pop you are a really good dad. i know that i never really appreciated what you have done for us as a taught me a lot by example. you are a good teacher. that is how good teachers teach.. by example i want to thank you for everything that you have done. i hope its not offensive when i call you pop or old man..i just feel closer to you and want to have a realationship like a friend because that is what i consider you as. i love you and hope that you know how much. i remember when i was younger and you would come into my room and sing us to sleep. and say i love you 10 trucks...i dont know why i remember that but i do. your the best father that any one could have. thanks for putting up with me all these years. i love you.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter Home 9/6/2010

so this is a really good talk...everything is good with my comp but i think that we have changes and all that stuff but we don't know who is leaving or staying so I'm not sure i wish that they would tell us yesterday but they will call us tonight so it will be fun and all that stuff..

so yea Jared wrote Hannah wrote and dad wrote. so i know what is going on with them but Adam I'm not sure about. what is he doing now?? did he ever find a job or is that a lost cause?
so i know that it is 13 months but really there are only 4 milestones in the mission. 1. 6 months, 2. 12 months, 3. 18 months. 4. 2 years. so its not a big deal...i think tahat you are just crazy but the time is super fast. I'm not sure what is happening with changes but whatever happens it is good. there are reasons for everything i know that i will learn what i need to and all that jazz. well its good to hear from you. love you
elder price

the downward that is an interesting way to put it. do you have Tim's address for his mission?

Letter to David

OK so i agree that being happy is a state of mind but it sure helps when good things happen to be happy.

so yes there are changes this week but we find out tonight if we leave or not. so I'm not sure what is happening until tonight and than i leave or i receive my new companion Wednesday they changed how they did it like 2 or 3 changes ago. so yeah.....we will see what happens.

we have about 3 solid investigators. but we are going to baptise one of them in 2 weeks. on tahe 18 i think that is 2 weeks I'm not positive. so its good and stuff here we are constantly trying to find new investigators but we aren't finding. we teach but than they don't want to progress or they just never are home, or they are at home and have excuses..

labor day....not sure what that means for us but that is good to last zone conference we saw part of a movie. that movie i think its called facing the giants...the part where the kid has to carry the other one on his back across the field that part...we can do a lot more when we cant see. its easy to say no i cant do that.. that is too hard. but he couldn't see and he went the whole 100 yards. so i guess its easier to just work and not pay attention just rely on the lord and everything will be you pop
elder price

oh yea can you get me Tim's address...for his mission not email