Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter Home 9/20/2010

i like Jenna. it has really helped me that she writes me. i have come to know her through these letters every week. its weird when she doesn't write.

but how is Aaron's eyes. did the surgery work and all that or what happened with his eyes..where is he working now...

why would Adam play soccer??' can he be goalie??
does he know the rules to soccer??

did she go with mack to the Jonas brothers concert? why did she think that she wouldn't like it....

that is weird about Caleb's foot... what is wrong with it, well not wrong but different about it.

so this week was good we are doing better as a companionship working together more and stuff. he has 9 months in mission today so that is cool i guess. so yea things are going good. we baptised yesterday but i don't have pictures of it. my camera is being stupid, but what ever i will remember it...

so what are you all doing now that everyone is so busy with different sports and all that you are lucky that there isn't anyone wrestling. because you couldn't go to the tournaments i know how you loved going to those all day...haha..but seriously that would suck not having anyone at the was always good to look up and see you and lyd...not that i am talking serious or anything cause it never mattered if you were there or thanks for all that you have done for me. you have always been there to support us in whatever dumb sport we decide to do. thanks but i think a lot has changed now that you are just as busy as the rest of us.. love you mom
elder price

Letter to David

hey pop..
so not much has changed after all. still cant get everyone up and around to get the bus....

so we are working together and trying to be united in the work and all that fun stuff. i know that if we can we will have success but it’s just a matter of doing it. i think that like you said about a state of mind,… with being happy that this too is a state of mind. everything that we do in life depends on our attitude. if someone has a desafio (challenge) with smoking and really wants to quit they can if they put their mind in the attitude of them being able to do it’s really up to me to be united with my companion..there is nothing stopping us just our own stubbornness so this week i have been working on it and i am going to continue working on t to break the cycle or whatever you want to call it...

so yea that is what i have been thinking about this week and all that good stuff..

i think that is a world wide problem of getting people to attend the meetings. it doenst matter who you have speak or the team or what ever but if they don't show up there isn't going to be any changes or anything..what is the normal attendance in our ward. in many people attend weekly??

so how are you doing?? what is new with you?? i love you dad.
elder price

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