Monday, August 30, 2010

Letter Home 8/30/2010

Jared said something that I'm not too sure about.why are you planning who I'm going to marry. i don't want to get married. i don't want that. so leave me be.

OK so that is a very good story i liked it. there is a lot of stuff that you can learn from that. so what are you going to do later and all that. its weird that you all are changing there is so much happening. why are all of you changing and stuff. there is so much that is different than when i left and stuff so what are you guys doing now that no one is at home..what is happening. so we had a baptism yesterday and stuff. that was I'm not sure what to say to you because I'm frustrated that you are trying to plan what I'm doing, you know i do what i want and stuff like that love you
elder price

OK pop. so i know that i am not the most patient person. yea but i think its also a culture thing to not be able to stand up and tell you when your doing something wrong. he comes from a super small town and to him it does not work to just tell you what your wrong. plus they have the mentality that white means power. that sounds wrong I’m not sure if it comes across the right way. but whenever there is a problem he would rather not argue over it or it’s just not important enough to talk about it and my Spanish isn’t that bad he tells me it’s good but i think the thing that bugs me about this country is that people don’t understand me. i say the same thing that he does i just have an accent but because I’m white they don’t understand...its frustrating and i hear that its worse when you’re outside of the capital because the farther out you get the less value they have in I'm not sure...i was talking to a missionary from Utah and he said that he was outside the cap and taught a lesson to this family that they had found, first lesson. got done with the lesson and this old lady the grandma looks at him and says I don’t speak English. I don’t know what you are saying. the little kid looks at his grandma and says abuela estan hablando en español...or they are talking in Spanish. so i don’t know why it is that they dont understand us but its kinda frustrating sometimes..but we had a baptism yesterday it was super good i baptised her so since it was after church we have to wait till next week to confirm her but it was super good..she works for a family that isn't members not interested in the gospel but they are fine with her coming to church and stuff. thy came to the baptism and i think that they really felt the spirit. so it was a good chance to open them up we will see what happens with i love you and hope that everything is good with you and work.
elder price

Monday, August 23, 2010

Letter to David 8/23/2010

hey pops I'm not sure what happened we went to a different Internet place than usual and that place was bad so I'm not sure what happened i sent an email to you guys so I'm not sure what happened with didn’t get anything last week from me i sent something to i think josh and mom for certain so huh that is weird. definitely not going back to that other place the normal one was that is weird.

so was a good day yesterday we went to an investigators house well it’s a family where not all are baptised yet. they invited us over to eat and then they had like a bunch of nonmember family it was good to talk about the church with their family...but they were celebrating a birthday and stuff with a pinata and all that...but they use the tipica clothes of i like that stuff I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about. i forget what page its on but there is a picture in the learn your language section of preach my gospel and that is like tipica clothes I'm not sure what page but yea its cool stuff. im really liking all the Guatemala stuff. i think that I'm going to come back liking completely different things than when i left but i think that is good...llove you and missed your quote of the week...
elder price

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Reunion Survey

Name: Seth Deacon Price

Birthday/Age: May 22. 1990 20

My Favorites:


Dessert: ice cream

Candy bar: three musketeers



Animal: penguin

School subject: lunch

Books to read: enos

Primary song/Music: jack johnson john mayor

Scripture story: sons of mosiah

Family activity: sports

Season; Why:

Vacation/Travel experience: mission, guatemala

Spare time activity/Hobby: wrestling

When I grow up I want to be: beach bum

Most unique characteristic:

Other (to cover any favorites I might have missed):

Letter Home 8/17/2010

OK well I'm not the most easy person to correct i think i get that from you so I'm not sure what is happening with that....I'm just a little easily frustrated its not that i am going to hit him or anything i think he feels that though i don't know why maybe its cause a tower over him and have a good 45 pounds on him I'm not sure. he has seen me mad and i think that has something to do with it too. but I'm not like super crazy or anyhting i just am normal and stuff. he just doesn't like correcting people.

in this year the thing that i have learned the most is that i am able to do anythig that i put my mind to. i have always heard that but i never really believed it. i never thought that i was going to learn Spanish but i talk in Spanish like all day cause my comp doesn't speak English he wants to learn but wont practice speaking. he wants to know how i learned Spanish and i tell him with the lord and by practicing its like the parable of the talents we have to be constantly working. if we bury our talent than we are not going to learn. i don't know i think that is the thing that i learned most this year. but now i just have to decide what i want to do and do it...

so yea its been a crazy year i don't know what this next year will bring but its going to be good and fast its crazy. i have like 8 changes left that is nothing.....I'm not sure what is happening with time but my whole perspective of time is completely different.there is not enough time in the days to do all that we need to do and than we are always struggling to come up with more time, if we cut this short that will give us more time to do this and this so to manage time also. that's something i have learned...

who is michelle farnswoth and why did i get an email from was an elder thompson??? she sent me his email. do you know these people......

love you
elder price

Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter to David 8/9/2010

well this week is easy. we had a baptism so that was the best thing that happened this week. we baptized her on Saturday and we had a member do it that we were taking with us for noche de hogar (family home evening) and stuff like that so it was super good that he could baptize and then confirm her on Sunday. she was the only person in her family that wasn’t a member, she just never wanted to take the step. I don’t know what changed I think it was when we got the members involved. they gave her the support and friendship that she needed to do it and we had the opportunity to complete that family in the gospel...that was the best thing that happened this week...we are focusing on completing families right now. and get them to the temple. so I’m glad that it worked out.
I want to speak better Spanish I am really working on speaking right now. I think I’m getting better with the help of my comp but he doesn’t correct me he is super shy. He understands me and everything but I’m not sure that I’m always saying things right. I can understand pretty much everything so comprehension isn’t the problem I just need to be told that I’m not saying that right or this is a better way but I think that he is a little scared to correct me because let’s face it I’m not the most easy person to tell that I’m not doing something right so I’m not sure what I can do to change that first change my temper problem....
like I said we are teaching a lot of part member families because our mission is focusing on the complete families and get them to the temple. so we teach our 24 or 25 lessons a week and then we teach less actives and recent converts to get them to the temple for the recent converts and back to the church for the menos actives (less active) ....but we are doing good we are trying to find new investigators right now so we are trying to contact a lot so we will contact like anywhere from 180 to 200 people depending on the week how busy we are trying to set up stuff like this week it was less cause we were freaking out running around trying to set up this baptism get the interview and all yea it was a good week...
love you pops
elder price

Letter Home 8/9/2010

well that is crazy that school starts on Monday is that a week from today or what is that...I'm not sure when you wrote that i guess i could look at the date you wrote this but I'm too I'm not sure what to say to all of you.

its been a good week and stuff we are working with different people we have two really solid families that are just waiting. one is called familia lopez some of them were baptised already but the mom and a daughter but the daughter just has to wait she wants to get baptised but she isn't married and she has to get her husbands papers well its her boyfriend but husband not many people really pay attention to the difference. so I'm not sure what else the other person that we have that are really excited positive about is called alida. she is just waiting too but we have to put the date and then wait for the interview just wait and stuff...

but yea tell Lydia happy birthday and stuff.

I'm not sure what i am felling about the people. to answer Jon's question it depends on the moment. i am a pretty proud to be an American...but i get sick of dealing with people freaking out that I'm from Arizona i know this isn't the best thing to do but I'm lying to people when they ask where I'm from i tell them Utah because what is happening in Arizona with the anti immigrant law. so for the most part yea but than i get upset and stuff. but yea i love the people and the food too...

but yea its been you
elder price

Monday, August 2, 2010

carta 8/2

ok so my companion is still elder ajanel we didnt have changes so that is cool and stuff. but its weird here cause president still isnt back so im not sure what is happening. there is this really interesting kid that just started his mission and stuff this week he is in the zone and stuff but if you ask de donde es? dice peruano....entonces no se si el esta bromeando o es realmente este tonto. no sabe que estamos tratando a escribir y no podemos enfocar si el esta tratando a hablar con nosotros. que frustracion. pero yo y mi companero somos buenos trabajamos y el es mi amigo. es bueno a tner su companero como amigo. me gusta como estamos y todo horita. es un poco raro que tongo un ano este semana pero es no se differente que ya tengo un ano afuera de casa y todo.muchos cosas han pasado en este ano y no se no estoy para muchos pero todo esta bien yo se porque estoy aqui y que necesito se que estas haciendo no escribiendo en espanol....pero esta bien. espero que todo esta bien con ustedes. te quiero.

elder price

… but if you ask him where he’s from, he says he’s from Peru…the I don’t know if he is joking or is really that stupid. He doesn’t know we’re trying to write and we can’t focus if he’s trying to talk to us. So frustrating. But my companion and I are good workers and he’s my friend. It’s good be friends with your companion. I like how we are right now and all. It’s a little weird that I’ve been out a year this week, but it’s- I don’t know, different that I’ve already been away from home for a year and all. Lots of things have happened this year… it’s all good I know because I am here and I need to do…. I don’t know what you’re doing not writing in Spanish… but it’s okay. I hope everything is okay with you guys.

Letter Home 8/2/2010

OK so the big answer is that i don't have changes I'm still in nueva montserrat and still with elder ajanel so yea its all good and stuff. I'm not sure what is happening with changes or anything. we don't know anything we found out today about everything but i still don't know anyone because I'm too busy writing you guys....but yea so I'm not sure.

its good me and my comp are doing really good and everything i think that we are friends, he is my friend at least. but this week has been hard for him. there is a huge like carnival or party in his home. so all his friends and stuff are back partying and stuff. his girlfriend and all that nonsense are driving him crazy but I'm not sure what is happening with that.

but yea Aaron wrote i haven't read it yet because he wrote last out of everyone. so I'm not sure what is happening with him.....good golly..but i hope that nothing changes too bad.

on Thursday a familia wanted to do something for me because they found out from my comp that its my year so i am going to learn how to make paches. its like a tamale but its out of potato...its super good i want to learn how to make the food here I'm not sure what was wrong with me before there are so many good foods out there. i need to try them...i say that i don't like things but i have never tried them so hey....but whatever.

i love you
elder price

so i wanted to tell you that i miss your cooking and when i come home i would like to have some of your Cinnamon rolls waiting in the car....thanks