Monday, August 30, 2010

Letter Home 8/30/2010

Jared said something that I'm not too sure about.why are you planning who I'm going to marry. i don't want to get married. i don't want that. so leave me be.

OK so that is a very good story i liked it. there is a lot of stuff that you can learn from that. so what are you going to do later and all that. its weird that you all are changing there is so much happening. why are all of you changing and stuff. there is so much that is different than when i left and stuff so what are you guys doing now that no one is at home..what is happening. so we had a baptism yesterday and stuff. that was I'm not sure what to say to you because I'm frustrated that you are trying to plan what I'm doing, you know i do what i want and stuff like that love you
elder price

OK pop. so i know that i am not the most patient person. yea but i think its also a culture thing to not be able to stand up and tell you when your doing something wrong. he comes from a super small town and to him it does not work to just tell you what your wrong. plus they have the mentality that white means power. that sounds wrong I’m not sure if it comes across the right way. but whenever there is a problem he would rather not argue over it or it’s just not important enough to talk about it and my Spanish isn’t that bad he tells me it’s good but i think the thing that bugs me about this country is that people don’t understand me. i say the same thing that he does i just have an accent but because I’m white they don’t understand...its frustrating and i hear that its worse when you’re outside of the capital because the farther out you get the less value they have in I'm not sure...i was talking to a missionary from Utah and he said that he was outside the cap and taught a lesson to this family that they had found, first lesson. got done with the lesson and this old lady the grandma looks at him and says I don’t speak English. I don’t know what you are saying. the little kid looks at his grandma and says abuela estan hablando en espaƱol...or they are talking in Spanish. so i don’t know why it is that they dont understand us but its kinda frustrating sometimes..but we had a baptism yesterday it was super good i baptised her so since it was after church we have to wait till next week to confirm her but it was super good..she works for a family that isn't members not interested in the gospel but they are fine with her coming to church and stuff. thy came to the baptism and i think that they really felt the spirit. so it was a good chance to open them up we will see what happens with i love you and hope that everything is good with you and work.
elder price

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