Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter Home 8/9/2010

well that is crazy that school starts on Monday is that a week from today or what is that...I'm not sure when you wrote that i guess i could look at the date you wrote this but I'm too I'm not sure what to say to all of you.

its been a good week and stuff we are working with different people we have two really solid families that are just waiting. one is called familia lopez some of them were baptised already but the mom and a daughter but the daughter just has to wait she wants to get baptised but she isn't married and she has to get her husbands papers well its her boyfriend but husband not many people really pay attention to the difference. so I'm not sure what else the other person that we have that are really excited positive about is called alida. she is just waiting too but we have to put the date and then wait for the interview just wait and stuff...

but yea tell Lydia happy birthday and stuff.

I'm not sure what i am felling about the people. to answer Jon's question it depends on the moment. i am a pretty proud to be an American...but i get sick of dealing with people freaking out that I'm from Arizona i know this isn't the best thing to do but I'm lying to people when they ask where I'm from i tell them Utah because what is happening in Arizona with the anti immigrant law. so for the most part yea but than i get upset and stuff. but yea i love the people and the food too...

but yea its been you
elder price

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