Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter Home 8/2/2010

OK so the big answer is that i don't have changes I'm still in nueva montserrat and still with elder ajanel so yea its all good and stuff. I'm not sure what is happening with changes or anything. we don't know anything we found out today about everything but i still don't know anyone because I'm too busy writing you guys....but yea so I'm not sure.

its good me and my comp are doing really good and everything i think that we are friends, he is my friend at least. but this week has been hard for him. there is a huge like carnival or party in his home. so all his friends and stuff are back partying and stuff. his girlfriend and all that nonsense are driving him crazy but I'm not sure what is happening with that.

but yea Aaron wrote i haven't read it yet because he wrote last out of everyone. so I'm not sure what is happening with him.....good golly..but i hope that nothing changes too bad.

on Thursday a familia wanted to do something for me because they found out from my comp that its my year so i am going to learn how to make paches. its like a tamale but its out of potato...its super good i want to learn how to make the food here I'm not sure what was wrong with me before there are so many good foods out there. i need to try them...i say that i don't like things but i have never tried them so hey....but whatever.

i love you
elder price

so i wanted to tell you that i miss your cooking and when i come home i would like to have some of your Cinnamon rolls waiting in the car....thanks

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