Monday, April 26, 2010

Letters Home 4/26/2010

Calm down old lady. happy birthday by the way...

OK so we have church in the mornings 9 to 12 and then we usually eat with a member of the ward so ill let you know more details when i know them, I'm not sure what time is going to work but definitely the afternoon will be best. What is the time difference there right now....I'm not sure why your freaking out so much about this call. its not that important. we can wait till i get home and stuff. we don't need to talk this time.....but seriously ill let you know when we can.

how is everything at home. who scheduled the games for Adam?? that's terrible timing..

today we went to the huge market in Guatemala and looked at a bunch of stuff from like the natives and all there crazy nonsense that they do. they are awesome with woodwork and stuff like that its really good and pretty cheap.

so its all good here. not much new this week. i don't know what y'all want to know...

so yea love you elder price

sounds like your very calm. but its all good. i have to go. love you. ill let you know the time and everything next week for the call.elder price

Letter to David......

another thing. when its super hot out they give you hot foods because they think that if they heat up the inside of your body it wont make the difference of inside and out and you will feel cooler..its terrible it make you even hotter.....they are not that intelligent in my opinion but the food is always good, unless you are outside of the capital....than you best be careful.

love you
elder price

Monday, April 19, 2010

Letter Home 4/19/2010

we are busy as usual on the mission. just trying to stay busy and do what we are supposed to do.

it sounds like everything is changing. i don't know what its going to be like when i get home. people moving and all that. people getting married. wow. I'm not sure what is going to happen but Jared is right. this life is a lot easier than the one all you have to live.

there are things i do everyday. its basically planned out for me. i like it. you have to do a lot more extra crap. but its going fast. the other day me and elder moorhouse were talking and we are starting to see how it was for the sons of mosiah. they were out for a long time but when your working its so fast. there is so much to do. and they had an area that hadn't been touched in a long time.

that is awesome about Tim. i got a letter from him today. he is doing good from what it said just busy as usual.

we are working to find people. the usual stuff. love you elder price

Letter to David

OK so the past month has been good. the people in Guatemala are funny the like to carry things on there heads a talent that i simply do not have. they have this leather strap that they put around their heads and carry stuff from there necks....

i have never eaten so many tortillas in my life. lunch and dinner we eat tortillas they don't use silverware that often just tortillas. but they are still trying to dejar coffee. its a tough struggle for them but its hard. sorry I'm out of time.

love you elder price

that talk by elder packer was about the importance of fathers in the lives of there kids was super good

Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter Home 4/12/2009

yes i got the picture from Lydia. me and moorhouse laughed. its funny.

but when does Tim leave for the mission?

i thought Adam and Madison broke up. but last week they were at a spring training game and now they are going to prom......what is up with them??

but I'm in don justo. its like 20 minutes away from the temple. there are districts. what part of the city is the guy from??

so yea.....not much new with the work. we are still trying to find more investigators so its going slower. its hard to get solid ones so we find people to teach and then they dont progress so we drop them. but we try and are busy and stuff so its all good.

you said you sent my jump rope....but today via no lo tengo. i don't know if you actually sent it or it was never sent....but i thought i told you maybe i didn't, put pictures of Christ or the virgin maria on it. they will steal it if there isn't they are superstitious. so let me know if you did or didn't send it.

nothing is really new with me. me and moorhouse are doing good. still together. he is from meridian Idaho....its pretty fun.

love you elder price

English Carta 4/12/10

ok so its going good. we are taking caution on the buses and are trying to be safe but the buses are crazy and i think that they are going to change the buses to be government ran so its going tobe safer and less problems. but its all good. we are very dependent on the spirit to help us be safe. but did you go on buses when you were in spain or what did you guys use mostly....just wondering if the buses were super crazy..but we are really trying to focus on finding nuevos investigadores but its hard in this area especially because the money..its a lot easier when they are poor. but im not sure if i have talked about rafael. he is an investigator that we taught and he quit smoking and is really pilas. but he is seperated and that is the only thing stopping him from progressing more. he is worried that if his wife comes back that she wont like the church, she is super catolica..but he knows its true he just needs to see that the church will make him happy. with or without his family he will be happy. but he is a super good guy, we talked about the palabra de sabiduria the other day and he went out with his friend after and he said he didnt take coffee but he doesnt know why. he just knows that he shouldnt and so he doesnt. he just does stuff that we tell him to do but he is always saying he doesnt want to join. he goes to church and completes with the mandamientos pero no se. that was a super long side note. we are trying tofind new investigators. hope everything is good in utah. love you
elder price

Monday, April 5, 2010

Letter Home 4/5/2010 conference they talked a lot about the atonement. its real. we can be together again. i think that it would be good to talk to them about the plan of salvation. i think it was Pres monson who said people that have recently had a loss. a new birth in the family. someone who just moved in. they are in situations where they can open up and accept. in this conference someone talked about family dying and when we turn to the lord is when everything turns out. the difference between blame and faith. have faith, we cant blame anyone for that. turn to the lord and through the plan of happiness we can be together forever with our families. i know that. through ordinances in the temple we are sealed together. there is no doubt in my mind that if we do what is right in this life that we will be together in the next life. its not easy but its going to happen whether we accept it or not.

This is an opportunity for you to help and like Jacob says, the blood of there sins are on us if we don't. i made mistakes and didn't take the opportunities that i was given to share the gospel, i don't want that to happen to you Adam. its not worth it to do what everyone else does. I'm so grateful for the atonement in my life. without it there is no chance. take the opportunity that you have to share what you know. if he gives you crap for trying than he Inst your friend. i love you and know that its going to be hard but if you really care about him then you will share it. its the best thing that you can do for the situation.

love you elder price