Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter Home 4/12/2009

yes i got the picture from Lydia. me and moorhouse laughed. its funny.

but when does Tim leave for the mission?

i thought Adam and Madison broke up. but last week they were at a spring training game and now they are going to prom......what is up with them??

but I'm in don justo. its like 20 minutes away from the temple. there are districts. what part of the city is the guy from??

so yea.....not much new with the work. we are still trying to find more investigators so its going slower. its hard to get solid ones so we find people to teach and then they dont progress so we drop them. but we try and are busy and stuff so its all good.

you said you sent my jump rope....but today via no lo tengo. i don't know if you actually sent it or it was never sent....but i thought i told you maybe i didn't, put pictures of Christ or the virgin maria on it. they will steal it if there isn't they are superstitious. so let me know if you did or didn't send it.

nothing is really new with me. me and moorhouse are doing good. still together. he is from meridian Idaho....its pretty fun.

love you elder price

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