Monday, April 26, 2010

Letters Home 4/26/2010

Calm down old lady. happy birthday by the way...

OK so we have church in the mornings 9 to 12 and then we usually eat with a member of the ward so ill let you know more details when i know them, I'm not sure what time is going to work but definitely the afternoon will be best. What is the time difference there right now....I'm not sure why your freaking out so much about this call. its not that important. we can wait till i get home and stuff. we don't need to talk this time.....but seriously ill let you know when we can.

how is everything at home. who scheduled the games for Adam?? that's terrible timing..

today we went to the huge market in Guatemala and looked at a bunch of stuff from like the natives and all there crazy nonsense that they do. they are awesome with woodwork and stuff like that its really good and pretty cheap.

so its all good here. not much new this week. i don't know what y'all want to know...

so yea love you elder price

sounds like your very calm. but its all good. i have to go. love you. ill let you know the time and everything next week for the call.elder price

Letter to David......

another thing. when its super hot out they give you hot foods because they think that if they heat up the inside of your body it wont make the difference of inside and out and you will feel cooler..its terrible it make you even hotter.....they are not that intelligent in my opinion but the food is always good, unless you are outside of the capital....than you best be careful.

love you
elder price

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