Monday, March 29, 2010

Letter Home 3/29/2010

well its been interesting week stated off weird with all that crap that happpened last week but its going good and stuff.

they have to wait like 3 or 4 weeks to be baptised to its going to be good and just to make sure that they are done and arent going to go back as easy and stuff. but yea so its going good. we have the top level of a house and its normal no one lives below us cause its used for storage so its just us and stuff.

but yea so this week is going to be awesome we have general conference and its going to be legit. i think general conference in a completly different way since the ccm. its such an oportunidad a listne to the profeta.

what mission is that? lima....i know a couple people who are in that mission.

so yea. just chillin waiting sucks but the time in the mission goes by fast when you work. when you are doing what you are supposed to the time flies. its crazy how fast it goes.

well.........este iglesia es a iglesia verdadera y fue restaurado por un profeta de dios. jose smith fue un profeta de dios. cuando el oro el el arboleda dios y jesuscristo realmente aparecieron a el. thomas s monson es el profeta en la tierra hoy y el recibe revelacion para tdo el mundo. oracion es bien importante y podemos saber la verdad como moroni dijo. ahorita la mision es donde necesito estar. no se porque estoy en guatemala pero el senor sabe y puedo ayudar alguin aqui. podemos arrepintir y ser limpios de todad nuestros pecados a traves la expiacion de jesucristo.familia es algo no entendi como importante es en mi vida, familias pueden ser eternas. se que este es verdadero. en el nombre de jesucristo amen

This church is a true church and was restored by a prophet of God. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. When he prayed in the grove, God and Jesus Christ truly appeared to him. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the earth today and he receives revelation for the whole world. Prayer is very important and we can know the truth like Moroni said. Now, the mission is where I need to be. I don’t know why I’m in Guatemala, but the Lord knows and I can help someone here. We can repent and be clean from all of our sins through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I didn’t understand how important family is in my life. Families can be eternal. I know that this is true. In the name of Jesus Christ.

love you

carta de 03/29

pues en guatemala hay bastante personas que no tienen trabajo, pero ellos venden el las calles y es a veces solo suficiente a comer. en este area las personas tiene mas educacion, pero es dificil. estos personas son bien pobres y esta tratando a tener los cosas basicos. pero no se. the strike fue solo en lunes y no bien peligroso para nosotros, no saliamos nuestro complexo. jugamos con los jovenes y ganamos en futbol. es bueno. este vida me gusta bastante. pero en lunes senti raro a no tener nada a hacer. en este semana hay como processiones que van con grandes estatuas y los personas primero tinen que pagar a hacerlo pero ellos como carry esto y es una manera a arrepentir y ser limpios de sus pecados. es bien raro pero es su creencias verdad y como los articulos de fe ellos tienen la oportunidad a creer en cualquier cosa. pero este semana ellos van a la playa y regresan a sus familias. pero es bien dificil a trabajar. y todavia tengo mismo companero

In Guatemala there are quite a few people who don’t have jobs, but they sell in the streets and sometimes it’s only enough to eat. In this area, the people have more education, but it’s difficult. Those people are pretty poor and are trying to get the basic things. But I don’t know. The strike was just on Monday and it wasn’t very dangerous for us, we didn’t leave our complex. We played with the kids and we won in soccer. It’s good. I like this life. But Monday I felt weird not having anything to do. This week there are processions with big statues and the people have to first pay to carry the statue. It’s a way of repenting and becoming clean from your sins. It’s pretty strange, but it’s their own belief and like in the articles of faith, they have the opportunity to believe in whatever thing. But this week everyone is going to the beach and going home to their families. But it’s pretty hard to work. And I still have the same companion.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Letter Home 3/21/2010

OK so its going good in guate, we are working and don't have changes so its going to be good. we have a lot to do and not enough time to do it all.

but we have a place that we go to eat and a member that does our laundry so its all good.

we are just keeping busy our baptisms fell we only had 1 instead of 5 but they are still wanting to get baptised just a little time and they can go swimming. but i hope everything is going good at home. I'm not sure what you all want to hear i don't think there was any other questions and so i think that's about you

Letter to David 3/21/2010

ok so im glad that you wrote about your mission its good to hear your experiences.

well today is an interesting day we are just able to go to Internet and than we have to go home there is a crazy protest today so its going to be interesting we don't know how long its going to happen for though we were told today but we heard longer like 3 days so I'm not sure what is going to happen

but everything is good me and moorhouse don't have changes and so we are together for another 6 weeks which is cool. I'm learning a lot and really getting better with the language i think...but we are good. In Guatemala there are a lot of fruits which are really good. i have tried a lot of different things in the little time that i have been out but its all really good and there is no way that i can tell them no because of how little they have and how much they give us. if we are eating something simple like eggs and black beans we get 2 eggs and they get 1 just a simple example of how much the people respect us and are so generous to us but its hard when they need it a lot more than we do. its all good though I'm learning to handle different situations that before i would never of had to do.

we are doing awesome though. we had a baptism last night and it was awesome. we are working hard we should of had 5 but 4 of them drank coffee and have to wait a little more time but its all good they are trying to stop but its hard for them, with time it will be good. so thanks for your letter and experiences about your mission. love you

elder price

Monday, March 15, 2010

Letter to David 3/15/2010

hey pops just wondering, but you have never really talked a lot about your mission. what were some of the experiences that you liked, some of the people that you remember (if you can) but seriously what did you like about the culture of Hawaii its different than what you were used to verdad...but yea tell me what you you
elder price

Seth Letter Home 3/15/10

OK so its all good here like i told Jared there is going to be a new mission in guate so we will see who out of our mission is going to get sent in a couple changes, but other than that I'm not sure whats up. the baptism didn't happen. its now on Thursday but we have another one on Saturday so its going to be a good week. busy with stuff.

we are getting to the point where its a lot easier to plan because we have a lot of citas but its good but we are running out of investigators which is ok but we find some and than they don't progress or they don't want to listen or they listen but don't do anything. its just listening to good things about Christ. its frustrating but good at the same time.

so just doing the work and having fun. but this change has gone by wicked fast, changes are next week so we will see what happens with that. good way to end a change with 5 baptisms. but we will see. love you,
elder price

Monday, March 8, 2010

the baptism was awesome it was so good. we have another scheduled for Saturday and another for the week after that. we will see what happens with them. they are awesome but its not so good cause we are running out of investigators if we baptise them and its hard to find new ones. that is what we are focusing on right now. we will see what happens though. one is having problems cause his family is not ready and they want to wait but we just want to get him baptised there is no point in waiting. we had an amazing talk on baptism and its legit. but it was by a seventy. he talks about baptism as the door to heaven and compares it to the door to your house how many people are going to go home and not walk through the door, baptism is how you get in the door you still have to do other things but its like going home opening your door seeing all the things in the house and not entering. sleeping on the porch or something. it was really good. but that's abouti it that is new with me. love you
elder price
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Elder Seth Price

Letter to David.......

OK so the guy that was baptised is called juan carlos bautista lemus, he was introduced to the church by his sister who is a convert but they are all older so its not like they lived together. he is relatively young, 27 and has a daughter who is 6 named sharon. his wife has been a member for almost a year. she is super pilas. but he took a longer time to come to the gospel. he had some problems and took some time to overcome but he was one of those people who it just took a lot of time he has been investigating for a year. its way cool he came to church for that whole time and the ward knew him as the dry Mormon. but finally he was dunked and it was probably the best baptism that i have ever been to. he changed a lot to get to that point and i was lucky enough to be here to see the final changes that he needed to make. it was awesome. he has a support that was really waiting a long time to see him in the waters. this makes everything worth it to see peoples lives change. love you
elder price

carta de 3/8/2010

pues no se como a decir dang it pero es un cosa que realmente no necisito bastante. pero tuvimos un bautismo sabado y fue bien espiritual. uno de mis favoritas cosas en mi mision. era mi primero bautismo y estoy muy feiz a ver un vida cambio. este hombre es la persona que tiene un espoaçsa ya en la iglesia. ella fue bautisada hace un año. pero es bueno a oirte. no se si hay algo que estas usando pero cuando abri tus cartas hay algo poco raro con las letras. pero esta bien.yo y mi companero tenemos un buen relacion y creo que es porque nosotros dos queremos estar aqui y nos gusta ser misioneros. el esta ensenando me y entramos juntos y sabemos mas o menos mismo espanl hay cosas que el no entiende y yo si y otras cosas que y o no entiendo y el si. pero gracias por tus cartas espero que toda esta bien en el mundo. pero siento normal en guatemala. 6 meses a tras senti raro no entendi bastante y toda era diferente pero a hora toda esta buena y me gusta este pais, cosas en los estados son bueno pero no extrano mucho solo mi familia, este es un oportunidad a crecer en mi vida como un persona. te quiero
elder Price
I don’t know how to say ‘dang it’ cause it’s not something that I need much. But we had a baptism Saturday and it was really spiritual. One of my favorite things in my mission. It was my first baptism and I am really happy to see a changed life. This man is the guy who’s wife is already a member, she was baptized a year ago. But it’s good to hear from you. I don’t know if there is something that you’re using, but when I open your letters, the letters are weird. But it’s all good. My companion and I have a good relationship and I think it’s because we both want to be here and we like being missionaries. He’s teaching me and we’re working together and we know more or less the same amount of Spanish. There are things he doesn’t understand and I do and other things that I don’t understand and he does. But thanks for your letters, I hope that everything’s going well. I feel normal in Guatemala. 6 months ago I felt weird and I didn’t understand enough and everything was different. But now it’s all good and I like this country. Things in the states are good, but I don’t miss them much, only my family. This is an opportunity for me to grow as a person. Love ya. Elder Price

Monday, March 1, 2010

Letter Home 3/1/2010

OK so its been a good week we have had our lessons and are finding new investigators we contacted into 3 inactivos. so its interesting but we are trying to reactivate tambien and its just frustrating to deal with there crap for why they don't come to church. its hard to just tell them they are lazy, they are easily offended here unless you know them really well so we are trying to gain confidence so that we can give them cincho basically chastise them. but its going good. i love what I'm doing and know that its where I'm supposed to be. everything is good here and we are working hard and being obedient. we are going to go out to eat with the other 2 elders in our ward Friday for lunch because its our 7 month well me and my comp. time is flying. I'm not sure where it is going. when we work hard it goes fast. love you
elder price

Letter to David 3/1/2010

OK so i guess that i can look around more to see the difference but realmente its not that different this is the richest area in all of Guatemala. in some of the malls the prices are in there is a lot less to see. but i will we have been struggling to teach our minimum lessons of 20 a week. this area is hard but its all good. but this week we hit it so its turning around and really going to be good its already halfway through this change its crazy how fast time is flying by we are gong to celebrate on Friday since we both have the same time. its going to be small but it will be good. through this experience we are learning and stuff, i was talking to my zl and he was put in the same situation that we are in and his first week he taught 4 lessons so we are doing good we got 16 our first week together.. but its definitely a learning experience and we have definitely come closer so its good to have a companion that wants to be a missionary and knows why he is here. but its good down here I'm going to look for the different, love you
elder price

oh yea we have a baptism on this Saturday. so its going to be a good week.

Elder Seth Price