Monday, March 22, 2010

Letter Home 3/21/2010

OK so its going good in guate, we are working and don't have changes so its going to be good. we have a lot to do and not enough time to do it all.

but we have a place that we go to eat and a member that does our laundry so its all good.

we are just keeping busy our baptisms fell we only had 1 instead of 5 but they are still wanting to get baptised just a little time and they can go swimming. but i hope everything is going good at home. I'm not sure what you all want to hear i don't think there was any other questions and so i think that's about you

Letter to David 3/21/2010

ok so im glad that you wrote about your mission its good to hear your experiences.

well today is an interesting day we are just able to go to Internet and than we have to go home there is a crazy protest today so its going to be interesting we don't know how long its going to happen for though we were told today but we heard longer like 3 days so I'm not sure what is going to happen

but everything is good me and moorhouse don't have changes and so we are together for another 6 weeks which is cool. I'm learning a lot and really getting better with the language i think...but we are good. In Guatemala there are a lot of fruits which are really good. i have tried a lot of different things in the little time that i have been out but its all really good and there is no way that i can tell them no because of how little they have and how much they give us. if we are eating something simple like eggs and black beans we get 2 eggs and they get 1 just a simple example of how much the people respect us and are so generous to us but its hard when they need it a lot more than we do. its all good though I'm learning to handle different situations that before i would never of had to do.

we are doing awesome though. we had a baptism last night and it was awesome. we are working hard we should of had 5 but 4 of them drank coffee and have to wait a little more time but its all good they are trying to stop but its hard for them, with time it will be good. so thanks for your letter and experiences about your mission. love you

elder price

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