Monday, March 1, 2010

Letter Home 3/1/2010

OK so its been a good week we have had our lessons and are finding new investigators we contacted into 3 inactivos. so its interesting but we are trying to reactivate tambien and its just frustrating to deal with there crap for why they don't come to church. its hard to just tell them they are lazy, they are easily offended here unless you know them really well so we are trying to gain confidence so that we can give them cincho basically chastise them. but its going good. i love what I'm doing and know that its where I'm supposed to be. everything is good here and we are working hard and being obedient. we are going to go out to eat with the other 2 elders in our ward Friday for lunch because its our 7 month well me and my comp. time is flying. I'm not sure where it is going. when we work hard it goes fast. love you
elder price

Letter to David 3/1/2010

OK so i guess that i can look around more to see the difference but realmente its not that different this is the richest area in all of Guatemala. in some of the malls the prices are in there is a lot less to see. but i will we have been struggling to teach our minimum lessons of 20 a week. this area is hard but its all good. but this week we hit it so its turning around and really going to be good its already halfway through this change its crazy how fast time is flying by we are gong to celebrate on Friday since we both have the same time. its going to be small but it will be good. through this experience we are learning and stuff, i was talking to my zl and he was put in the same situation that we are in and his first week he taught 4 lessons so we are doing good we got 16 our first week together.. but its definitely a learning experience and we have definitely come closer so its good to have a companion that wants to be a missionary and knows why he is here. but its good down here I'm going to look for the different, love you
elder price

oh yea we have a baptism on this Saturday. so its going to be a good week.

Elder Seth Price

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