Monday, March 8, 2010

the baptism was awesome it was so good. we have another scheduled for Saturday and another for the week after that. we will see what happens with them. they are awesome but its not so good cause we are running out of investigators if we baptise them and its hard to find new ones. that is what we are focusing on right now. we will see what happens though. one is having problems cause his family is not ready and they want to wait but we just want to get him baptised there is no point in waiting. we had an amazing talk on baptism and its legit. but it was by a seventy. he talks about baptism as the door to heaven and compares it to the door to your house how many people are going to go home and not walk through the door, baptism is how you get in the door you still have to do other things but its like going home opening your door seeing all the things in the house and not entering. sleeping on the porch or something. it was really good. but that's abouti it that is new with me. love you
elder price
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Elder Seth Price

Letter to David.......

OK so the guy that was baptised is called juan carlos bautista lemus, he was introduced to the church by his sister who is a convert but they are all older so its not like they lived together. he is relatively young, 27 and has a daughter who is 6 named sharon. his wife has been a member for almost a year. she is super pilas. but he took a longer time to come to the gospel. he had some problems and took some time to overcome but he was one of those people who it just took a lot of time he has been investigating for a year. its way cool he came to church for that whole time and the ward knew him as the dry Mormon. but finally he was dunked and it was probably the best baptism that i have ever been to. he changed a lot to get to that point and i was lucky enough to be here to see the final changes that he needed to make. it was awesome. he has a support that was really waiting a long time to see him in the waters. this makes everything worth it to see peoples lives change. love you
elder price

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