Monday, March 15, 2010

Seth Letter Home 3/15/10

OK so its all good here like i told Jared there is going to be a new mission in guate so we will see who out of our mission is going to get sent in a couple changes, but other than that I'm not sure whats up. the baptism didn't happen. its now on Thursday but we have another one on Saturday so its going to be a good week. busy with stuff.

we are getting to the point where its a lot easier to plan because we have a lot of citas but its good but we are running out of investigators which is ok but we find some and than they don't progress or they don't want to listen or they listen but don't do anything. its just listening to good things about Christ. its frustrating but good at the same time.

so just doing the work and having fun. but this change has gone by wicked fast, changes are next week so we will see what happens with that. good way to end a change with 5 baptisms. but we will see. love you,
elder price

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