Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letters Home 12/21/2009

hey there whats up. we just got back from the conference and so i have to be fast and since i will talk to you ill just keep it short. there really isnt that much going on here. we went and had an awesome meeting. it was with the whole mission so i got to see all the guys htat were in the ccm with me. we had skits and stuff. every zone had to do something...

so i got the package that yall sent and im not going to lie the best part was the testimonies but the runner up was the pants.....you siad that you were going to send another one in january send pictures that i can take around easier. smaller sized. people in my area want to see my family.....but its all good. thanks.....i decided that i didnt have to wait untill christmas to open it. so oh well, i do what i want..
so technically there is a time limit but its awful. i havent talked to anyone that has kept it and the only ones that are planning on it are going home next week. im not going to tell you the real time limit so im sorry. ill talk to you on friday. love you
elder price

ok pop so i like the plan its good, its not asking much and unfortunately thats whats needed a lot. so the family that we have a date with is doing good but they have some problems not with worthiness or the church but with the economy. they are behind on payments and might move this week before the baptism. it sucks but they need to move in with family and than that will bring a whole another set of problems but they are excited about the church and want to be baptised. we find out if they are moving tomorrow or miercoles. not sure which. but whatever happens it will be what is supposedd to. so on sunday we came up with goals, 5 things that we want to achieve o raccomplish in our lives so just thought i would share them with you, 1. temple marriage 2. med school 3. close fam relationship
with siblings and the old people too 4. hunt-kill bear 5. mission with wife
so i made mini goals to be better ablrto reach these, the one that im not positive on is number 5 but it would be legit to serve with my wife someday. so yea these are my goals or whatever for my life. just thought i would share whats new and that is about the only thing i can think of. take it easy. talk to you on friday. love you
elder price

Carta de 12/21/09

pues no mucho nuevo, un cosa que es muy extrano es que ellos llevan un statua de la virgen con bandas y differente cuetes y es differente. es interesante como las personas les gusta a vestirse pero solo tipicas. quiero comprar la ropa de los tipicas. pero no tengo mucho tiempo hoy. y necesito escribir mi padre. los siento. te quiero,
elder price
vamos a hablar viernes.

Well there isn't much new, one interesting thing is that they carry a statue of the virgin with flags and different_____ and it is different. It's interesting how the people like to dress, but it's pretty typical. I want to buy some of the typical clothes. but I don't have a lot of time today. And I need to write my dad. Sorry. Love you. Elder Price. We're going to talk friday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Letter Home 12/14/2009

I had asked him about being hungry and the status of buying food and about his baptism that was supposed to happen on Saturday and about the Christmas call. So hope that helps explain a few of his responses in this letter.

OK so my baptism that was supposed to be on Saturday didn't happen and its rather frustrating as to why. we found out that he was baptised in 2001. that's the short story but its pretty long and gets me angry that i taught this guy for like 8 weeks and he never told us that he was baptised. yea so that sucks.

for the number 41470181 and you need some code or something but no one knows what it is, they said they families just find it on the Internet or something. whenever is good for you guys the mornings are good for me or the nights but then it would be pretty late. so yea....find out and let me know.

OK so we have a refrigerator but its small and when we have to buy a lot of food our money runs out fast we don't get a ton of money and stuff but its all good. whatever happens happens i think i could lose some weight anyway.

i told chase that he wasn't going to make it a year. that's good for them though. chase is a good guy. march is not that far away.

nothing really happened this week we burned the devil on Monday and something happened to my camera so I'm not sure if pictures are able to be sent right now but ill try. we had fun.

so i want a video of Adam and dad singing at the Christmas thing.

but don't worry about me, I'm good and healthy but what has changed since i was home? i was always hungry there too....so don't worry.

love you all
elder price

Monday, December 7, 2009

Spanish letter 12/7/09

esta bien. me gusta leer tus correos electronicos. a veces es dificil a entender la forma de tu pero es mejor. mi vida es bueno a hora. hay muchas cosas que durante este mes yo vi. tengo muchas cosas en mi vida que son bueno. siento que puedo explicar mis sentimientos en ingles mejor, pues lo siento. durante este mes vi muuchas personas que viven en situaciones muy dificil. anoche hable con un familia de 5 hijos, 4 hijas y un hijo. padre de ellos salio 2 anos atras. como tu puedo ver la mano de dios en mi vida y en mi familia. yo se que los beendiciones que recibimos es porque y a traves el evangelio, creo que es en mosiah 2:41 que habla sobre obediencia y bendiciones. necesitamos recordar dios en todos cosas. a traves todos nustros pruebas recordad dios. solo a traves el evangelio podemos regresar y vivir con dios

Elder Price

It's good. I like to read your emails, sometimes it's difficult to understand the tu form, but it is better. My life is good right now. There are many things during this month that I saw. I have many good things in my life. I feel I can explain my feelings better in English, so sorry. During this month I saw many people that live in very difficult situations. Last night I spoke with a family that has 5 boys, 4 girls, and a (baby?). The dad left them 2 years ago. Like you, I can see the hand of God in my life and in my family. I know that the blessings we receive are because of and through the gospel. I believe it is in Mosiah 2:41 that he talks about obedience and blessings. We need to remember God in all things. Throughout all of our trials, remember God. Only through the Gospel can we return and live with God.

Letter to David 12/7/09

first off sorry i didn't get the response last week. but ok weather sucks its hot and then its cold the mornings are hot and during the day but than iits cold in the night its summer right now but all that means is it doesn't rain.

in our area we walk but to get to other meetings like zone or district meeting we ride the bus. these are the craziest buses i have ever seen. its ridiculous. but they are fun as long as you keep nothing of value in your pockets.
my favorite thing about the culture is the people, they have crazy ways of doing things and making the best out of the situation that they are given. its cool to see but its heart wrenching to see the kids in these situations. they have nothing, but its hard cause we cant do anything.

i love platino its good its weird and i didn't like it at first but after eating it everyday i love it.´

yea we go to the temple 4 times a year. we are going this month.
so its good here in Guatemala
love you all
helaman 5:6 i think
elder price

Letter Home 12/7/2009

i think that Lydia is hilarious, I'm not sure where she learns this stuff but it sounds like she needs to realize how old she is she always was a little teenager. but that's awesome that they (Aaron & Katie) got there pics. he only works 2 days a week?? that isn't good.

OK so i was thinking.....we are always hungry and i know that its not always easy with your schedules but it would be awesome if you could try to feed the missionaries. they are working hard and its easier in the states to eat with members cause they have lists and stuff like that but here we don't eat dinner a lot. we have to try to cook and that sucks. but its all good if you can, that would be legit.

so i forgot to tell you but like last week or the week before i had to go talk to a lawyer. nothing serious. all i knew was that it was for my visa. so on my police report my name is seth d price but on my visa application or something its seth deacon price. i had 2 names in Guatemala. according to the country 2 people came to Guatemala. i was confused the dudes English wasn't good and i couldn't understand in Spanish. i can get along fine with lessons but outside of the gospel its harder.

thanksgiving we celebrated on last Monday. ill send pictures it was our district. we had a lot of food. but it wasn't the same. i sent a picture of my hair....i went to get it cut and the lady said the i needed to do my hair like that because i have a really weird shaped head i thought it was funny. so she did it for me.

today is a holiday. you buy a pinata devil and burn it we are going to do it with some other elders tonight. its going to be fun. not sure what the point is.

OK so for the missionary work. its good. our baptisms are good one is for Christmas day and the other is for this Saturday he is getting kinda scared thinking he is not ready but he is he has read a lot and just needs to take that step of faith that is in ether 12. but he really is a good guy and knows that this is right, the other wants to get baptised the 12 th but is out of town for work until the 22. him and his granddaughter are going to get baptised. but its all good.

love you all and will let you know about the call when i know.
elder price

Monday, November 30, 2009

Letter Home 11/30/09

OK so this week has been good. we worked hard and had a lot of opportunities to teach. we went to zone conference and we had interviews and stuff. that was really good it was the first time that i really talked to president. the interviews he has are normally really short so i was expecting like the normal three minutes or so. but i asked him some questions that got him talking and we talked for 30 minutes in spanglish cause my spanish is not the best and his english is not the best. but it was really good i feel a lot better about president. there are a lot of missionaries here that don't like him...so it was hard to get a feel for what he was like but after my interview i like the guy. but we have 3 baptismal dates. one for the 12 and two for the 25. apparently they don't celebrate Christmas on the 25 its the 24 here so that is interesting. but I'm trying to work and stuff. its weird to write one person and than have them post something. but whatever. I'm not sure what the heck is happening with that. but me and my comp had a rough couple days where we didn't talk and stuff. but we read something in preach my gospel and we starting praying together on a consistent basis and it has really helped, we have worked harder than any other week so far. so hopefully that stays this week too. but yea. love all yall
elder price

Questions for Seth

This was our letter to him:
Tenemos 5 preguntas para ti: (we have 5 questions for you)

1. Porqué estás sirviendo una misión? (Why are you serving a mission?)
2. Qué es tu aspecto favorito de ser un misionero? (What is your favorite aspect of being a missionary?)
3. Qué cosas te gustan acerca de guatemala? (What things do you like about Guatemala?)
4. Qué echas de menos el mas de Jared? (What do you miss the most about Jared? I don't think I wrote the question correctly though!)
5. Qué es la comida más extraño que has comido? (What is the strangest food you have eaten?)

Con amor
Gemma y Jared

His Reply:
1: estoy sirviendo un mision porque, quiero servir el senor y es la mas importante cosa en el mundo. tenemos un cosa en nuestros vidas que los personas en el mundo no tienen. hay un escrituro en d y c seccion 16 versiculo 6, este es un escritura que david me muestra. es sobre que es la mas importante cosa en el mundo. compartir el evangelio. ( I am serving a mission because I was to serve the Lord and it is the most important thing in the world. We have something in our lives that people in the world don't have. There is a scripture in D&C 16:6, this is a scripture that David taught me. It's about what is the most important thing in the world... to share the gospel.)
2: mi aspecto favorito es la oportunidad a ver la cambia que ocurrio en los vidas de personas. muchas veces hablamos con personas que tienen problemas y la vida de ellos a trafves el evangeloi es mas mejor. bueno a ver. (My favorite aspect is the opportunity to see the change that occurs in the lives of people. Many times, we are talking with people who have problems and their lives through the gospel is much better. It is good to see)
3: me gusta muchas cosas pero un cosa es la historia. hay muchas personas que creen que este es la lugar que el libro de mormon paso. este es la real cosa a traves este lugar muchas cosas ocurrio. me gusta la oportunidad a leer el libro de mormon y estudiar por otros. ( I like a lot of things but one is the history. There are many people that believe that this is the place where the book of mormon took place. This is a real thing, many things happened in this place. I like the opportunity to read the book of mormon and study through others)
5:no se es differente pero bueno. ( I don't know, it is different but good)
love yall
elder price

Monday, November 23, 2009

Seth 11/23/09

hey how are you all.
so i don't know what is up but no one has written me. there is nothing really happening here. my comp is really baggy and its frustrating because he doesn't want to work. but I'm doing the best i can and trying. I'm going to talk to president this week. we have interviews with him. so yea, the only other thing that happened was we have a baptism date with orlando. December 12. that's pretty cool. were trying to line up some more with familia duarte but we will see. they want to be baptised but we need to teach them more. love you all. its all good but i sent pictures. its thanksgiving?' they don't celebrate it here. but i got to go. love you guys
elder price

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures from Seth

Here are some pictures seth wanted me to post for everyone! He did not give an explanation for them so you'll have to wait till next week to find out about them.

Una Carta en Español de Seth

mi español es muy horrible. pero es porque yo. la verdad es que no haciendo nada a aprender mas. solo hablando con mi compa. pero este cambia necesito hacer mas porque estamos hablando en ingles. el tenia 11 companeros de los estados unidos y quiere ensenar ingles despues la mision. fue a universidad antes. el tiene 3 anos en la iglesia y casi 2 anos el la mision. es bueno pero el quiere salir por su casa. este cambia va a estar muy dificil. pero ahora esta bien. vamos a trabajar y yo voy a hacer todo en mi poder a trabajar. pues, se llama elder escalante y es de salvador. es bueno a leer sus cartas en espanol estoy mas lento y necesito pensar sobre palabras pèro es bueno por mi. hay un investigado que solo quiere escuchar a los lecciones en ingles el habla bueno y es va a escuchar. gracias por su tiempo en escribiendome. te quiero
elder price

My spanish is horrible. But it's because of me. The truth is that I'm not doing anything to learn more. Only speaking with my companion. But this exchange, I need to do more because we talk in English. My companion had 11 companions from the united states and he wants to learn enlglish after the mission. He went to a universtiy before. He's been in the church for 3 years and almost 2 years in the mission. It's good but he wants to go home. This exchange is going to be difficult, but right now it's good. We are going to work and I am going to do everything in my power to work. Well my companion's name is Elder Escalante and he's from Salvador. It is good to read your letters en spanish. I am very slow and need to think about the words but it is better for me. There is an investigator that only wants to listen to the lessons in english. He speaks well and is going to listen. Thanks for your time in writing me. I love you Elder Price

Letter Home 11/18/09

OK so elder escalante es de salvador. he has 21 months in the mission field and that means he has 2 changes left. its hard to have to plan and everything he doesn't know our investigators and he knows nothing about the area except we cant go down a street. there is this huge prostitute thing in our area. but besides the point. we are going to work if i can help`it this change and as long as were together if that means that i send 2 missionaries home in a row than were going to work. its hard and we didn't work that hard the last week of last change. he had me on divisions and had a party on our house and stuff. so its a little ridiculous but whatever.

this is new change. our investigators are doing good. familia duarte we are going to place a fecha with and get them ready for baptism we are thinking about the first week in December for them and same time roughly for Orlando. he is ready and stuff its just hard to get him to talk clearly so i am lost a lot when he is talking but its all good, familia laines is not progressing they said they received answers about joseph smith and the plan of salvation but they wont come to church they say they will but when we pass by to pick them up there is always an excuse. so were not sure what to do to help them with. they need to act to gain that faith and take a step. they assist a different church at least one of the sons and the mom but its hard to work through that.

love you all elder price

that's awesome about tucker. get me his email or something to write him. that's way cool. but he has to wait a long time like i did so that kinda sucks.

so my new comp is from salvador. he speaks pretty good English and stuff so its easier but its not going to help my Spanish. i have heard that your second change the language like doubles so we will see what happens with that. but he has 21 months in the mission and only 2 changes left so i will either leave after this change or I'm going to send him home. not sure how that's going to be he seems kinda baggy but we will see we have only been together for a couple days.

you have a cooking club??? that's probably the lamest thing i have ever heard of. all you do is get together and cook??? i hate to tell you but your getting old....wow. but I'm sure its fun and the food has to be really good, right...

why is caleb and josh playing football with the elders? how do they play. who else is their age..i was looking for a name on the ward list i have from home and i don't know anyone in our ward..its crazy.

OK so this week not much happened we had a conference with all three missions that cover the cap so north central and south. i saw some guys from the ccm which was cool and stuff like that. i went on divisions after that and hung out with valladolid. he came in with me.but he freaking didn't go to the ccm he was in the mtc for 2 and a half weeks. i talked to a dude on cocaine. at least my comp says he was on cocaine. but other than that nothing happened. everything is going by fast. there are so many people that we can help and not enough time to do it all. but its all good. love you all

elder price

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

primero, espanol es mas dificil cuando habla en tu. pero es bueno porque necesito aprender la forma de tu. en la ccm sol aprendi como hablar en usted. pero mi compa siempre hablando en tu y vos. quiero aprender vos pero no hay personas a hablar en vos algun misioneros hablan en tu y otros no. hay muchas personas que hablan a nosotros en tu y es muy diferente.ahora no hay mucho festivales. dia de los muertos y la noche de brujas son no grande aqui. no muchas personas los celebran. no se. pero misioneros dijeron que durante navidad los catolicos tienen un Jesus negro. es un grande statue y ellos caminan a traves la callle con esto apastasia basura. me gusta la mision. hay muchas personas que tengo la oportunidad conocer de los estados unidos y toda central america y sin la mision no conozco ellos. dios me da este oportunidad y soy gracias a dios por lo. en 3 mesas puedo hablar a personas en un idioma differente que mio. yo se que Dios es en este obra y no hay manera que gringos tontos como yo pueden hablar sin ayuda divina. gracias por su carta. te quiero
elder price
voy a tomar mas fotos por ustedes por proximo semana.

Letter Home 11 10 09

no not all of my money got stolen and there isn't anything that pres can do. so it s not worth telling him. but its all good. i don't know if the guy is OK or not we didn't stay and watch what happened. he wasn't moving but there was an ambulance that was like 5 cars back so he got help.-..you need to chill out and relax. there is nothing that happened that i cant deal with.

just Spanish is driving me crazy. we had another thing with another zone yesterday that went well. it was good to see the others from my ccm group.

the ward is good we just need a new ward mission leader the one we have is inactive so its not really working for us. but we will see what happens when we get a new one. but other than that everything is good. we get along well as a companionship so its all good but now I'm freaking out about trying to get a new comp in and be able to get us everywhere that we need to go and stuff like that. but that isn't until next Monday.

so i think that Internet for us is on Tuesday again but I'm not positive we don't find anything out until the day before normally. but its all good.

i got this sick jersey last week its brasil and legit. i think i have a picture of it. but not sure if its a good one. but yea.

well with the family he is leaving for Nicaragua this week so it is good and bad because then we aren't teaching him but its good because we are going to progress with the family a lot more. its better to progress as a family though. but that's about it for me this week we are going to a conference today with elder acosta who if the other missionaries are right is in the presidency of the 70 and there is a rumor that elder anderson is going to be there too so I'm stoked for that. and after I'm going on divisions for two days with this elder that came here same time as me but was only in the mtc for 3 weeks cause he already knows Spanish. cool kid though.

love you all
elder price
pics ccm president and wife i look weird in the picture though.
me in jersey and close up on brasil

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letters Home 11/3/09

what up. so nothing super exciting happened this week we have two people that committed to baptism now we just have to set a date. we need to figure out what is happening with this familia duarte and finish teaching them so they can but there is the problem of the abuelo, he is super evangelico and has a lot of "questions" but its hard. he is hard to understand and stuff but then there are people that i can talk to and have a conversation with. so its off and on with the Spanish depending on the person and how hard i concentrate on losteninga instead of translating. when i try to translate i lose it but when i just listen i understand more. but yea that is about it. love you

elder price
ok so we got some pics. my ccm district my comp the volcano is antigua and my district in the mtc

well there are a lot of different things that are good about the language for the most part i feel down about the language but its just going to take time. i know its going to come and i know that i have only been here for a couple months but its just that I'm not happy with where I'm at i just am not satisfied with what i have i just want to talk. its all good though i think its coming along good. i can communicate what i need to inside of the gospel.

the weather is cold right now in the nights. i am hot during the day but when the sun goes down its cold it has been raining the last couple of days and its freaking cold. but its not bad. we were walking in the rain and we looked like we just jumped in a pool.

i cant trust any missionaries anymore though we had a 2 zone p day yesterday and i left my stuff in a room in the church with other stuff of other missionaries and money is gone but its all good its more the fact that i cant leave my stuff with other missionaries. but whatever.

my comp is from Honduras he is getting ready to go home but we are still working and everything. his name is elder mendez. he doesn't speak english. i love it here its a lot different here but its a blast. so we were walking to the bus for our area and we crossed the street and we have to cross another street to get to the bus and when we were standing there 4 guys were going to the opposite side and i saw this dude get nailed by a suv. he flipped in the air and landed with his head on the ground it was insane. it was so crazy to see. but we were just standing where that guy was hit. so wow...but i love it here other than the crazy drivers.

love you elder price

Monday, October 26, 2009

Letters Home 10/26/2009

The first is mine that I got from Seth.......as you can see not much!

hey i had problems with my email and the freaking computer deleted it when i went to send it so I'm out of time love you

its all good that you
have been busy. you didn't talk about your new calling though. so what is up with that?? how is it going. how are the missionaries in the ward? are they as good as elder yates and keir??

me and my comp are good. its getting easier to talk to him and stuff so that is good. we work together as well as we can with the difference in language and stuff like that. there are a lot of things that are just
different in jokes and athings that i don't understand but its all good.

my area is good its my first one so i
don't know what is up with the difference and stuff like that. but we cover 4 colonials and 2 are pretty ghetto so we try not to go there at night but if we have appointments and stuff we just don't contact. the people are different here. back home its like i don't care what you have go away. here its like that but they don't tell you that they just make appointments and than we never see them again. some might come around if we go by enough but they are willing to talk for the most part.

Spanish is getting better. i think. but its still hard to catch every thing. depending on the person i can catch like 50 to 60 percent. its just the accent and how well they pronunciate. its getting better but than when they start talking about stuff outside the gospel I'm lost completely. its just going to take time.

what do you mean more comfortable with the area?? i
know pretty much where everyone that we need lives if that is the question...

the weirdest thing i have eaten is a
platino. its similar to a banana at least that's what it looks like a giant banana. but they fry it in oil and its weird but i like it. i haven't really had anything to weird to eat i ate sometning that turns your pee red but i don't what it is called.

we have a couple families and than a couple individuals, so its good. one family is really close to baptism which is way cool to see.

love you
elder price

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

ok so that is awesome that it was good. this week has been good. i had divisions this week with my zone leader, he is in my district and needed a baptismal interview so it was fun, i learned a lot and he can speak english so that was a relief. im not sure what is better though cause when were teaching i can ask him a word or how to say something which is nice but at the same time im more likley to remember the word if i have to look it up and not be able to say it. i like the fact that i have to speak in spanish its hard but its getting easier to talk to him which is legit. the language is getting better i think but im not sure. when the spirit is strong its a lot easier to understand but there are some people that are just hard to understand anyway. they mumble and dont pronounce the words. my comp is good, we get along good, its hard to be around him when he is with other latinos but i heard thats normal. he tries to show off and stuff, we have a ward of like 100 people that assist so its all good, the members are awesome. we have appointments with them sometimes and there all way good. im eating a lot of different things the weirdest thing that i have had the trouble of eating is straight tomatos but there actually pretty good. i realized that a lot of things that i didnt like i never really tried. but a normal meal is black beans and something else. for breakfast we eat eaggs. we have a member that we pay and makes us breakfast and lunch. they are an awesome family. well about the street vendors we arent supposed to eat off the street but it smells so good and its so cheap. we need to stop doing it but we dont eat dinner a lot of the time and its hard to walk past them and be hungry its no excuse but its the best food i have eaten so far.for laundry the suegra of the obispo does the laundry so we take it ob¡ver there and she does it for us. it takes a couple days so we take it over there like 2 times a week. the bishop is an awesome man though. its different here. the secretary to the bishop is 18. so its weird seeing people that are younger thatn me being so active in trhe affairs of the ward. if we need to go somewhere in our area we walk but if we go to district or zone things we take busses. the busses are insane. but they are so fun. we have a mission rule that we cant be on busses unless we are all the way in the bus. its weird. we can walk from one end to the other in like 20 minutes walking fast. yea we are in guatemala city. its hard i can look out my front door and see the volcano that is 30 minutes away that at the base is antigua yet in another mission so we cant go there. but guatemala city is pretty big. its nice, we ae in the zone that all the shopping is and stuff like that. its the nice part. its weird that people stare at me because im white though the little kids especialy are shocked to see a gringo. but its all good its just not common. so we have a family that is really close to baptism and it is awesome cause we found this family during this change so its not like the missionaries have been teaching them forever. i dont know its hard to explain but its awesome. love you all.
elder price

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey. So today is p day last week was just for email since we missed it and changes and everything. So I don’t really know what is happening. I have no idea what you all want to know.

Send pictures of the wedding and stuff. So pinnacle is actually doing good? That is awesome. I’m not sure what to say we teach and I basically testify only. Not much teaching they talk so fast that it’s hard to understand everything so i get sentences and that is about it. The members are really nice we have met a couple of them and stuff. So all the members think its hilarious that I don’t speak Spanish.

What questions do you have for me???

My companion, yea I like him. He is a good missionary and stuff its hard to talk to him and stuff and we both get confused when I try to talk to him. Oh so last night the lights went out while we were like 30 minute walk from home. So we had to walk home because we cant be out when the lights go off. So we saw people trying to plan how to rob us like 2 times last night so we went to a member’s house that is right across from us and I taught them a lesson. It was really good. Yea, but whatever, as long as we are worthy than its all good, we will be protected. Faith is an awesome thing. The lord knows what is happening. i don’t have anything on me that they want anyway. I have like no money and stuff so its all good. They can have a pamphlet and a book of Mormon. It’s hard right now but it gets better when i know what happening. i just need to learn the language. We found an awesome family to teach and stuff. They are so good. they came to church yesterday and are really interested. familia duarte. There are 2 kids 14 lillian and johnathan 11. Its awesome to see them.

Hey so i got an email from Lynnette about her mission and stuff. She wanted to know about the mtc. Its pretty legit, there is a lot of time to learn and be in class, the spirit is so strong there. Sundays in the mtc are awesome, there so different in the field, we worked through all Sunday except church, but its all good. It just doesn’t feel like Sundays. Is it English or Spanish mission? Utica New York. Where is phatella kid at? But it’s awesome. The food messes you up though. But its awesome

Love elder price

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seth Leaves the MTC

Yesterday Seth finished his training at the Guatemala MTC and entered the mission. We had gotten a letter from the MTC mission president and didn't expect to hear from him until next week and today were very excited when we both got an email from him. Here they are.

Seth is the first row of Elders behind the Sisters 2nd from the right.

OK so i already wrote dad so you know that my comp is a native who doesn't speak English, its difficult but i can talk as long as he remembers to speak slow. Its funny for him and slightly frustrating for me, but its all good.

there are 2 other elders in my zone from my group. I'm not sure whats up with the elders they seem to be messing around a lot cause we all do Internet together but whatever, its weird. I just want to work but we have some district meeting. I have never been in a cold shower before today, either I'm stupid or there is no hot water and I'm guessing there is no hot water but i am not that intelligent. The city is super dirty, there is trash everywhere but i think that is just a sign of a third world country. buses and stuff are insane they barely stop. its intense. I got an email thing from Lopez I'm not sure if that's what he was talking about but i got something.. I'm going to try to figure how to send pictures but don't count on anything. love you
elder price

OK so that piece that the camera connects to is broken so no pics. sorry
yea it wont go into the camera so i don't know if the inside is broken or if its the connector. I'll probably end up buying another memory card. you can get a 4 gb for like 20 bucks. I just need to remember to not keep the memory cared in the camera or if i get robbed there are no more pictures. love you gotta go

One to David........

Hey, so its been a weird couple days, we woke up at 5 yesterday and left around 6, we met with president and had our interviews. I got a letter from Brad and Lopez that got sent here, so that was cool but its been intense. I was one of the few who has a companion that doesn't speak English. I'm in the city and have quite a bit of area. My area is called castillo lara. Its pretty legit but we haven't done any work yet, just set up everything cause with meetings we didn't get home till 4...so yea. I'm not sure what is happening.

Conference was awesome. throughout the whole thing I took notes and stuff and i got more out of this conference than any other that I have watched. I cant remember what else has happened this week. My companion is from Honduras and it sucks cause a lot of stuff is going down in Honduras with government right now. but he leaves in 6 weeks so I will most likely be in this area for a couple transfers which is cool. Its a lot different than the mtc. I have pictures but I'm not sure how to send them so yea....my computer skills are not good. Thanks for telling me about grandma and grandpa deacon.
love you elder price

This is a picture of the group that left the MTC yesterday. Some are headed for different missions in Guatemala, Honduras and 2 other central America countries.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Seth Arrived In Guatemala

We finally got the letter and picture of a few of the missionaries that went with Seth to Guatemala.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Letter Home 9/22/2009

What up. just chillin here. Its crazy how fast the time is going. i cant believe that we go out into the field in 2 weeks. its crazy. im not sure how my Spanish is going to be in the field just cause they talk so fast but its all good.

That’s crazy to hear about Lopez. Now i hope he gets married.

My new Latino roommates don’t talk much but my new north American roommates talk a lot and i like 1 of them the other is kinda weird. Oh well. Nothing is happening here though. We have the area authority coming here tonight to talk to us and it will be in Spanish most likely so we will see whats up. I talked to him in the temple today and i like him a lot we already heard from him once i think he is the counselor in the presidency though. Way good guy.

I’m really going to miss Sundays here though, they are so awesome I don’t think it will be exactly the same but it will be legit for sure in the field. I’m not sure what is happening with anything else

I think we have 4 districts that arrived the same day I did then another 2 that came three weeks after us and another 2 Latino districts. I know everyone that came in my group. So I’m not sure what you mean by that. We don’t have zone leaders we just have assistants cause its not really necessary to have zl´s. its super small though. There is only 2 buildings in the whole mtc plus the house that is by the temple we walk to that is not that big.

love you all, elder price

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seth's Mission Letters

This is a way for friends to keep track of Seth while he's gone for the next two years. His family will be updating with letters and pictures that he will be sending home.

He entered the Provo MTC on August 5, 2009. He spent 3 weeks there and then flew to the Guatemala MTC on August 25th where he will be spend 6 weeks. He has about 2 more weeks there as of today 9/21/2009 He can't wait to get out and begin working!

He loves letters and his mission is pouch mail. A great way to write him is www.dearelder.com and then write a missionary and go to the drop down box and select Guatemala MTC right now until 10/5 and then after that select the Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission. Its a great way to keep in touch with him. They print the letters on Thursday and its FREE! He gets those letters the next week.