Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter to David 12/7/09

first off sorry i didn't get the response last week. but ok weather sucks its hot and then its cold the mornings are hot and during the day but than iits cold in the night its summer right now but all that means is it doesn't rain.

in our area we walk but to get to other meetings like zone or district meeting we ride the bus. these are the craziest buses i have ever seen. its ridiculous. but they are fun as long as you keep nothing of value in your pockets.
my favorite thing about the culture is the people, they have crazy ways of doing things and making the best out of the situation that they are given. its cool to see but its heart wrenching to see the kids in these situations. they have nothing, but its hard cause we cant do anything.

i love platino its good its weird and i didn't like it at first but after eating it everyday i love it.´

yea we go to the temple 4 times a year. we are going this month.
so its good here in Guatemala
love you all
helaman 5:6 i think
elder price

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