Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter Home 12/7/2009

i think that Lydia is hilarious, I'm not sure where she learns this stuff but it sounds like she needs to realize how old she is she always was a little teenager. but that's awesome that they (Aaron & Katie) got there pics. he only works 2 days a week?? that isn't good.

OK so i was thinking.....we are always hungry and i know that its not always easy with your schedules but it would be awesome if you could try to feed the missionaries. they are working hard and its easier in the states to eat with members cause they have lists and stuff like that but here we don't eat dinner a lot. we have to try to cook and that sucks. but its all good if you can, that would be legit.

so i forgot to tell you but like last week or the week before i had to go talk to a lawyer. nothing serious. all i knew was that it was for my visa. so on my police report my name is seth d price but on my visa application or something its seth deacon price. i had 2 names in Guatemala. according to the country 2 people came to Guatemala. i was confused the dudes English wasn't good and i couldn't understand in Spanish. i can get along fine with lessons but outside of the gospel its harder.

thanksgiving we celebrated on last Monday. ill send pictures it was our district. we had a lot of food. but it wasn't the same. i sent a picture of my hair....i went to get it cut and the lady said the i needed to do my hair like that because i have a really weird shaped head i thought it was funny. so she did it for me.

today is a holiday. you buy a pinata devil and burn it we are going to do it with some other elders tonight. its going to be fun. not sure what the point is.

OK so for the missionary work. its good. our baptisms are good one is for Christmas day and the other is for this Saturday he is getting kinda scared thinking he is not ready but he is he has read a lot and just needs to take that step of faith that is in ether 12. but he really is a good guy and knows that this is right, the other wants to get baptised the 12 th but is out of town for work until the 22. him and his granddaughter are going to get baptised. but its all good.

love you all and will let you know about the call when i know.
elder price

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