Monday, December 14, 2009

Letter Home 12/14/2009

I had asked him about being hungry and the status of buying food and about his baptism that was supposed to happen on Saturday and about the Christmas call. So hope that helps explain a few of his responses in this letter.

OK so my baptism that was supposed to be on Saturday didn't happen and its rather frustrating as to why. we found out that he was baptised in 2001. that's the short story but its pretty long and gets me angry that i taught this guy for like 8 weeks and he never told us that he was baptised. yea so that sucks.

for the number 41470181 and you need some code or something but no one knows what it is, they said they families just find it on the Internet or something. whenever is good for you guys the mornings are good for me or the nights but then it would be pretty late. so yea....find out and let me know.

OK so we have a refrigerator but its small and when we have to buy a lot of food our money runs out fast we don't get a ton of money and stuff but its all good. whatever happens happens i think i could lose some weight anyway.

i told chase that he wasn't going to make it a year. that's good for them though. chase is a good guy. march is not that far away.

nothing really happened this week we burned the devil on Monday and something happened to my camera so I'm not sure if pictures are able to be sent right now but ill try. we had fun.

so i want a video of Adam and dad singing at the Christmas thing.

but don't worry about me, I'm good and healthy but what has changed since i was home? i was always hungry there don't worry.

love you all
elder price

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