Monday, June 28, 2010

Top of Water Tower

Here's a video that Seth sent home from the top of a water tower that he climbed. video

Letter Home 6/28/2010

well first of all my letters are not that can you love someone you don't know is in the scriptures.....i cant remember where but it is there...second of all what are you talking about. you are going to read the new testament all night??? or your going to have people come in and talk about sectoins?? so yea so this week has been good. so me and my comp are doing better we are working and trying to get what we need to done finding new people and stuff.

so Hannah is in Colorado and josh is going to California...what is happening with that?? they are so busy and stuff...

everything is good. me and my comp are becoming friends and stuff so its going. its just hard to know where he is coming from and stuff. super small town in a 3rd world country....he is from the mountains, i think its called totonicapan. he speaks quiche. and is the first missionary in his family...

so yea i think i got rid of the fleas but i will probably jinx myself and get them I'm not sure what s up with that right now...but yea so this is my flea abites and than me and my comp up a water tower...

so i wrote a letter but I'm not sure when i can send i will it has 2 in it. 1 for Adam and one for dad..they are birthday letters i didn't forget about either one of to dad and Adam happy birthday. love you both.
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Carta 6/28 tu vida es aburrido mi vida es gusta ser misionero pero es casi lo mismo cada dia..para mi esta bien pero en el perspecto del mundo es bien aburrido. no podemos escuchar a musica normal, peliculas....pero en poco mas que un ano voy a hacer toda de esto....

es bueno a tener amigos. mi companero es dificil a entender. el viene de un pueblito que solo tiene como 600 personas y ahora estamos en un ciudad no bien grande pero nuestro area es mas grande que su pueblo. entonces es dificil para mi a saber que esta pensando o que esta pasando es su cabeza...pero el no hablamos ingles porque no puede...y es mas facil a hablar en espanol el quiere aprender y en la noche a veces practicamos un poco. el siempre esta preguntando me que significa esto o esto...pero ahorita es mas facil cuando empecemos a ser companeros...entonces aqui estamos...

cuatro de julio!! es loco porque a mi me gustaria pensar que soy un poco patriotic y muchos personas estan preguntando me acerca de mis pensamientos sobre el mundial...ghana ganó a los estados pero es a veces dificil a responder en una manera que ellos no van a ofenderse...pero tal vez compramos fireworks..yo se la palabra pero no idea como a deletearlo....pero mi companearo es de guatemala. puro chapin...

si estoy tratando a conocer y creo que si conozco mas o menos pero toda via cuesta con las casas del miembros. los miembros estan empecando a trabajar tenemos 1 o 2 semanas y van a empecer a filmar nos entonces para el mundo ellos estan trabajando por eso creo que la iglesia escogio este barrio porque no trabajan y ellos esperan que van a hacer mas si tienen verguenza o algo en frente del mundo...pero este es mi semana..te quiero
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Well…if your life is boring, my life is more boring…I like being a missionary but it’s almost the same every day. For me it’s good, but from the perspective of the world it’s pretty boring. We can’t listen to normal music, movies… but in a little over a year I’ll do all of that…

It’s good to have friends. My companion is difficult to understand. He comes from a small town that only has like 600 people and now we are in a city that isn’t too big, but our area is bigger than his town. So it’s difficult for me to know what he’s thinking and what’s going on in his head… but we don’t speak English because he can’t… and it’s easier to speak in Spanish. He wants to learn (English) and at night sometimes we practice a little. He’s always asking me- what’s this mean or this… but now it’s easier than when we first became companions…so here we are…

Fourth of July! It’s crazy because I’d like to think that I’m a little patriotic and lots of people are asking me about my thoughts about the world cup (soccer)… Ghana won to the united states but sometimes it’s hard to respond in a manner that won’t offend them…but maybe we’ll buy fireworks. I know the word but I have no idea how to spell it…but my companion is from Guatemala. Pure chapin.

Ya I’m trying to get familiar (with the area?) and I think that I know more or less but still it’s difficult with the member’s houses. The members are beginning to work we have 1 or 2 weeks and they are going to start filming us for the world. I think the church chose this ward because they don’t work and they want them to do more if they are embarrassed or something in front of the world…but that was my week.

Monday, June 21, 2010

carta 6/21

ok entonces ellos van a filmar nos para un entrenamiento para el mundo. reunion sacramental y todo. entonces todos los reuniiones tenemos una reunion de correlacion para la obra misional en barrio. va a pasar en julio. entonces no se si ellos van a hacer mucho con nosotros tal vez tenemos que hacer divisionesssss con miembros y visitar miembros inactivos del barrio. pero no estoy seguro. solo hablaron un pocito mas en la iglesia ayer pero vamos a ver....

mi companero es bien nuevo y no sabe nada a como hacer missionero toda via esta aaprendiendo y necesito mas amor y paciencia para el....pero no se. ducha casi me mato.....estaba banadome y tenia agua caliento peroi la cosa exploto y humo y todo fue en al bano.....fuego estaba iendo de la calientador....tenia miedo...
pero nada mas paso elste semana...solo estoy tratando a conocer el area...te quiero
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Okay they are going to film us for a world training. Sacrament meeting and all. So all the meetings, we have a correlation meeting for missionary work in the ward. It’s going to happen in July. So I don’t know if they are going to do much with us, maybe we’ll have to do splits with members and visit inactive members in the ward. But I’m not sure. They only talked a little bit more about it in church yesterday but we’ll see.
My companion is very new and doesn’t know anything about how to be a missionary. He’s still learning and I need more patience and love for him…but I don’t know. The shower almost killed me…I was showering and had hot water but the thing exploded and smoke and everything was in the bathroom… fire was coming out of the heater…and I was scared.
But nothing else happened this week…I’m just trying to get familiar with the area.
*I apologize if I translated some of this stuff wrong or if the English seems jumbled….the Spanish was jumbled too.

Letter Home 6/21/2010

so Hannah is going to Colorado to play softball....that's crazy. tell her congratulations. are the girls on the team good girls are they doing stupid stuff what is going to happen that can't be the best influence if they are doing stupid things...

but yea so I'm doing good like i told Jenna the shower tried to kill me last week so i was showering doing my thing and the thing exploded and shot out fire..scared the crap out of me... smoke filled the bathroom my comp was trying to figure out why i yelled and stuff so yea it was a good second day in the we have cold water. the thing doesn't work anymore....

the area is called nueva montserrat. its a good area burt its hard it is getting better with this traing thing that they are going to be doing it forces the members to do stuff. they are going to be filming all our meetings. to train the world they are doing a new manual for traing or something and you can watch videos of it online. i heard they are going to leave it in Spanish so only have subtitles but I'm n ot sure. they are doing 4 around the world i heard.....something about England being one and they don't know the yea. we will see...

he tries to work hard but he doesn't know what he is doing and doesn't know the area so its hard i get frustrated but am trying....he is from toto something its one of the departments small town. he speaks a dialect which is cool so maybe i can learn a little of you
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

carta 6/15

hola, entonces tengo una nuevo compañero. el es de guate y es un buen misionero....creo...pero es interesante, este mes la iglesia esta haciendo algo raro y esta filming nuestro barrio. para un cosa de entrenamiento o algo y van a ponerla en la internet por todo el mundo. no se porque o que esta pasando pero este es que me dijo hoy. pero si como estas y todo. bien ocupada?

Hey, well I have a new companion. He's from guatemala and he's a good missionary... I think... but it's interesting. This month, the church is doing something weird and they're filming our ward. For a training thing or something and they're going to put it on the internet for the whole world. I don't know why or what's going on but that's what they told me today. But ya. How are you and all. Pretty busy?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter to David 6/14/2010

ok so today has been a different day. its been like half a pday and stuff. i spent all morning packing because tomorrow i leave this yea i have changes, so they did it different this time and they told us last night instead of on Saturday because I'm not sure why so our bishop heard that me and the other elder that is in the ward are leaving so we went out to lunch with him today which was cool. they are thinking on moving back to the states. there kids know English and Spanish. she talks to them in English and him on Spanish so they are super sweet to talk to. but yea.

lately i have been reading Jesus the Christ which is way cool. it breaks the bible and what is happening down so much. James e talmage is a genius. I'm not sure of one thing that has really stood out. all the miracles that He did in his life and seeing what the people tried to do and finally what they did is different. it strengthens my testimony of the savior to read about his life. how can we profess to love and serve someone that we don't know. i feel that I'm coming to know more Christ as he was in his life. so yea I'm not sure what is really standing out of all of it but its been cool to read that book. I'm almost done with its exciting. but its coming to the Crucifixion so that's going to be fun...not. the thing i guess would be how everyone was so for him and the priests and Sadducee's (cant spell that word) were afraid because of the support and than they chose to crucify fast Satan gets hold of there hearts in less that a week. but I'm not sure....

we are teaching at least 20 it depends on the area and stuff. but like low 20s in this area that i wont be in tomorrow.....

we are focusing on the Restoration. its our message to the world that is what we can share and that's what we are told to focus on. so the Restoration. we always try to tie in the Restoration with whatever approach...

so yea Adam should have gotten certified. i heard that there are some amazing places down here to scuba so i want to come back after and do it but i need someone to go with....but i have time before i can do that so...everything is going good here. love you

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Letter Home 6/14/2010

OK so we are all laughing at you....taking a bath might get rid of the fleas to be replaced by a fungus on my whole body....we are not going to bathe in that thing....but yea i have a picture but i don't have my camera connector thing with me...but yea....i have bites all up my side my legs....they seem to like gringos better they don't go after lats that much....but we get rid of them and they come back because a lot of the time we don't teach in the best of houses. dirt floors and metal walls...

we spray stuff on our stuff. but its not going away this time. so I'm not sure and its frustrating to me that i have something that our dog doesn't even have....but yea so its not the best thing but whatever, i cant do anything
so yea. I'm leaving don justo. tomorrow is the meeting so i don't know where I'm going yet. i will know tomorrow when I'm there..we find out where we go when we get to the change meeting. they don't tell us before in case people start gossiping about your new companion or the its just to stop bad things getting to you about where your going and who your going to be with...why did Caleb not want to play all stars? is his team that bad?? i thought that kid loved baseball. have send me a letter explaining that got a ticket that's something..

so not much new here we found this sick family last week and they easily could have been baptised and stuf. but oh well. there are like 5 in the family but only 2 are super pilas. we also founf this crazy man who is really interested but live super far away in an its time consuming to walk to where he lives. its like a 45 minute walk downhill which isnt bad just hiking out of it is the bad part. we can get hitch hikes and stuff but its not the safest...
CRAZY NEWS.....remember claudia. we had a baptism fecha with her but dropped it because she didn't care enough...wasn't showing us she wanted to be baptised. well her family sells things on a corner. like tools and random crap that not many people we felt like we needed to go to there house and talk to them so we went and stuff. than the hermana walks out and is like crying like crazy. she says we cant listen to you guys right now. so we were like what happend is everything ok...there daughter claudia went up to sell and she was kidnapped. they took her to amatitlan and called her family. they have no money so there was no way that she was going to come back. they said they were going to kill her, i guess that it was women which is weird but in the end they said that they didnt have the courage to kill her so they let her go. and now she is coming to church and really thankful to be alive she changed after sucks but it was a good experience..

your behind you haven't added any thing on the blog for like 2 weeks. I have an idea take a picture of everyone and put it on the blog for next week. i want to see what everyone looks like. if you can find one from before and than one from now. its been almost a year....of course they have changed. especially Lydia. have i changed???

so i have to go. love you

love you
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Monday, June 7, 2010

carta 6/7

These were the questions that I asked Seth.

1. What have you been doing since the hurricane/volcano?
2. Who have you met because of these natural disasters?
3. What special experiences have you had because of these events?
4. How has the hurricane/volcano affected the people (generally in the city and the lives of those who you know personally)?

estabamos trabajando a ayudar con arena y todo pero esta bien hoy en la manana fuimos a ayudar con cosas como somida y agua para mandar a las personas que necesitan...pero no se..

hemos encontrados familias pero muchos de ellos quieren dinero para lamina y solo esto no quieren escuchar al evangelio. solo podemos ayudar con nuestros manos y no con la dinero. ellos piensen que tenemos dinero porque somos canche..

espero que podiamos ayudar les pero no podemos. no hemos tenido muchos experiencias espirituales solo la abilidad que tenemos a trabajar y ver la gente si ellos nos vean tratando a servir y hacer como jesucristo ellos pueden tener buenas pensamiento acerca de la iglesia..

personalmente no conozco nadie que estas cosas han efectido. vivimos no mucho lejos pero solo la arena que estan en todos lados. el hermano del obispo casi fell no se como a escribir caer. todos de mis palabras no estan escritos muy bien. hay casas que cayeron y mas porque las casas son construido por lamina y otras cosas como cardboard. pero aqui estamos. te quiero

elder price

We are working to help with the sand and everything, but it’s good. Today in the morning we went to help with things like food and water to send to people in need... but I don’t know... We have found families, but a lot of them want money to lamina and only that. They don’t want to listen to the gospel. We can only help with our hands and not with our money. They think that we have money because we are canche.

I wish we could help them, but we can’t. We haven’t had many spiritual experiences, only la abilidad that we have to work and see the people. If they see us trying to serve and do as Jesus Christ, they will have good thoughts about the church.

Personally I don’t know anybody that has been affected by these things. We don’t live very far, but the sand is everywhere. The Bishop’s brother almost fell, I don’t know how to write caer. All my words are not written well. There are house that fell but it’s because the houses are made of lamina and other things like cardboard. But here we are.

Letter Home 6/7/2010

so its weird to think I'm almost half way done with my mission. but the time moves so fast....there is so much to do and not enough time to do it in. there are a lot of things that have been happening recently that are really crazy but we are starting to get back to normal work. i don't know if you heard about it or not but there is a lake called amatitlan to help up there because there is a lot more people that are in need i just remembered so tell Jared. he wanted to know about what we have done so we went to help up there it borders our mission with central. its closer to the volcano and stuff but yea so we are doing what we can here and trying to use our time the wisest but its been interesting recently

what are you guys up to now last week you all went to Adams game or something how was that? how is he doing? sports are over or what is happening with that. is he going to do baseball i heard maybe not....let me know. love you

couple questions....
so Adam got hit or one of his friends?
did you ever send that package?
video of me being stupid.
standing on the roof in the rain. we were already soaked and just found out about the hurricane.

ove you

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sink Hole In Guatemala

No, your eyes haven't deceived you. By now we're certain you've seen the photo of the enormous sinkhole in Guatemala City, and though some might have thought it was the work of an avid fan of Photoshop -- sadly it's not fake.

As the death toll from Tropical Storm Agatha was raised to at least 179 people across Central America, the massive sinkhole in question caused by rains from the storm swallowed a three-story clothing factory and left one man missing.

The seemingly never ending hole appears to be about 200 feet deep, according to numerous reports. You can see a fascinating, but nauseating high-resolution shot here.

Agatha, the first named storm of the 2010 Pacific hurricane season, crashed into Guatemala on Saturday, dumping more than 3 feet of rain in the mountainous western part of the country and in neighboring El Salvador.

Officials in Guatemala have reported 152 dead, but said about 100 people were still missing. In a nearby province west of Guatemala City, at least 60 were killed in the aftermath of the storm. Read more here.

Share your thoughts below.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: A giant sinkhole caused by the rains of Tropical Storm Agatha is seen in Guatemala City on Monday. Credit: Reuters