Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter Home 6/28/2010

well first of all my letters are not that can you love someone you don't know is in the scriptures.....i cant remember where but it is there...second of all what are you talking about. you are going to read the new testament all night??? or your going to have people come in and talk about sectoins?? so yea so this week has been good. so me and my comp are doing better we are working and trying to get what we need to done finding new people and stuff.

so Hannah is in Colorado and josh is going to California...what is happening with that?? they are so busy and stuff...

everything is good. me and my comp are becoming friends and stuff so its going. its just hard to know where he is coming from and stuff. super small town in a 3rd world country....he is from the mountains, i think its called totonicapan. he speaks quiche. and is the first missionary in his family...

so yea i think i got rid of the fleas but i will probably jinx myself and get them I'm not sure what s up with that right now...but yea so this is my flea abites and than me and my comp up a water tower...

so i wrote a letter but I'm not sure when i can send i will it has 2 in it. 1 for Adam and one for dad..they are birthday letters i didn't forget about either one of to dad and Adam happy birthday. love you both.
elder price

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