Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter to David 6/14/2010

ok so today has been a different day. its been like half a pday and stuff. i spent all morning packing because tomorrow i leave this yea i have changes, so they did it different this time and they told us last night instead of on Saturday because I'm not sure why so our bishop heard that me and the other elder that is in the ward are leaving so we went out to lunch with him today which was cool. they are thinking on moving back to the states. there kids know English and Spanish. she talks to them in English and him on Spanish so they are super sweet to talk to. but yea.

lately i have been reading Jesus the Christ which is way cool. it breaks the bible and what is happening down so much. James e talmage is a genius. I'm not sure of one thing that has really stood out. all the miracles that He did in his life and seeing what the people tried to do and finally what they did is different. it strengthens my testimony of the savior to read about his life. how can we profess to love and serve someone that we don't know. i feel that I'm coming to know more Christ as he was in his life. so yea I'm not sure what is really standing out of all of it but its been cool to read that book. I'm almost done with its exciting. but its coming to the Crucifixion so that's going to be fun...not. the thing i guess would be how everyone was so for him and the priests and Sadducee's (cant spell that word) were afraid because of the support and than they chose to crucify fast Satan gets hold of there hearts in less that a week. but I'm not sure....

we are teaching at least 20 it depends on the area and stuff. but like low 20s in this area that i wont be in tomorrow.....

we are focusing on the Restoration. its our message to the world that is what we can share and that's what we are told to focus on. so the Restoration. we always try to tie in the Restoration with whatever approach...

so yea Adam should have gotten certified. i heard that there are some amazing places down here to scuba so i want to come back after and do it but i need someone to go with....but i have time before i can do that so...everything is going good here. love you

elder price

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