Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter Home 6/14/2010

OK so we are all laughing at you....taking a bath might get rid of the fleas to be replaced by a fungus on my whole body....we are not going to bathe in that thing....but yea i have a picture but i don't have my camera connector thing with me...but yea....i have bites all up my side my legs....they seem to like gringos better they don't go after lats that much....but we get rid of them and they come back because a lot of the time we don't teach in the best of houses. dirt floors and metal walls...

we spray stuff on our stuff. but its not going away this time. so I'm not sure and its frustrating to me that i have something that our dog doesn't even have....but yea so its not the best thing but whatever, i cant do anything
so yea. I'm leaving don justo. tomorrow is the meeting so i don't know where I'm going yet. i will know tomorrow when I'm there..we find out where we go when we get to the change meeting. they don't tell us before in case people start gossiping about your new companion or the its just to stop bad things getting to you about where your going and who your going to be with...why did Caleb not want to play all stars? is his team that bad?? i thought that kid loved baseball. have send me a letter explaining that got a ticket that's something..

so not much new here we found this sick family last week and they easily could have been baptised and stuf. but oh well. there are like 5 in the family but only 2 are super pilas. we also founf this crazy man who is really interested but live super far away in an its time consuming to walk to where he lives. its like a 45 minute walk downhill which isnt bad just hiking out of it is the bad part. we can get hitch hikes and stuff but its not the safest...
CRAZY NEWS.....remember claudia. we had a baptism fecha with her but dropped it because she didn't care enough...wasn't showing us she wanted to be baptised. well her family sells things on a corner. like tools and random crap that not many people we felt like we needed to go to there house and talk to them so we went and stuff. than the hermana walks out and is like crying like crazy. she says we cant listen to you guys right now. so we were like what happend is everything ok...there daughter claudia went up to sell and she was kidnapped. they took her to amatitlan and called her family. they have no money so there was no way that she was going to come back. they said they were going to kill her, i guess that it was women which is weird but in the end they said that they didnt have the courage to kill her so they let her go. and now she is coming to church and really thankful to be alive she changed after sucks but it was a good experience..

your behind you haven't added any thing on the blog for like 2 weeks. I have an idea take a picture of everyone and put it on the blog for next week. i want to see what everyone looks like. if you can find one from before and than one from now. its been almost a year....of course they have changed. especially Lydia. have i changed???

so i have to go. love you

love you
elder price

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