Monday, June 21, 2010

carta 6/21

ok entonces ellos van a filmar nos para un entrenamiento para el mundo. reunion sacramental y todo. entonces todos los reuniiones tenemos una reunion de correlacion para la obra misional en barrio. va a pasar en julio. entonces no se si ellos van a hacer mucho con nosotros tal vez tenemos que hacer divisionesssss con miembros y visitar miembros inactivos del barrio. pero no estoy seguro. solo hablaron un pocito mas en la iglesia ayer pero vamos a ver....

mi companero es bien nuevo y no sabe nada a como hacer missionero toda via esta aaprendiendo y necesito mas amor y paciencia para el....pero no se. ducha casi me mato.....estaba banadome y tenia agua caliento peroi la cosa exploto y humo y todo fue en al bano.....fuego estaba iendo de la calientador....tenia miedo...
pero nada mas paso elste semana...solo estoy tratando a conocer el area...te quiero
elder price

Okay they are going to film us for a world training. Sacrament meeting and all. So all the meetings, we have a correlation meeting for missionary work in the ward. It’s going to happen in July. So I don’t know if they are going to do much with us, maybe we’ll have to do splits with members and visit inactive members in the ward. But I’m not sure. They only talked a little bit more about it in church yesterday but we’ll see.
My companion is very new and doesn’t know anything about how to be a missionary. He’s still learning and I need more patience and love for him…but I don’t know. The shower almost killed me…I was showering and had hot water but the thing exploded and smoke and everything was in the bathroom… fire was coming out of the heater…and I was scared.
But nothing else happened this week…I’m just trying to get familiar with the area.
*I apologize if I translated some of this stuff wrong or if the English seems jumbled….the Spanish was jumbled too.

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