Monday, February 22, 2010

carta 2/22/10

mi relacion con mi companero es bueno creo es porque nosotros queremos trabajar y nuestros companeros anteriores no querian trabajar porque ellos estaban terminando sus misiones. pero es bueno a trabajar y tenemos mismo como vidas mas o menos antes la mision. porque es mas dificil a entender donde los latinos estan veniendo de. podemos hablar sobre otros cosas y ahora tenemos debilidades en conversaciones afuera del evangelio podemos ensenar y hablar con cualquier persona sobre jesucristo o la iglesia pero a veces stamos perdidos afuera el evangelio. pero con tiempo vamos a entender mas y en poco tiempo podemos hablar creo que bastante. en este tiempo es bueno pero la area es grande y estamos muy bien. pero si. siempre estamos trabajando con las personas y tratamos a bautizar este familia pero ellos siempre tienen algo "mas importante" wue la iglesia y ellos necesitan ir a la iglesia una vez mas. pero hay un otro que estamos ensenando pero el tenia problemas y tiene que esperar hast minimo primero semana en marzo. pero el quiere bastnte y su esposa es un miembro pues solo tenemos que esperar. pero gracias por tu carta es bueno a recibirlos. te quiero
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My relationship with my companion is good. I think it’s because we want to work and our last companions didn’t want to work because they were finishing their missions. But it’s good to work and we have, more or less, the same kind of life before the mission because it is hard to understand where the latinos are coming from. We can talk about other things and now, we struggle in conversations outsides of the gospel. We can teach and speak with any person about Jesus Christ or the church, but sometimes we get lost outside of the gospel. But with time we’ll understand more and soon we’ll be able to speak well enough. It’s good right now, but the area is big and we are doing well. But yeah. We’re always working with people and trying to baptize this family, but they always have something ‘more important’ than the church and they need to go to church one more time. But there is another that we are teaching, but he has problems and has to wait til at least the first week of march. But he desires it and his wife is a member, so we’ll just have to wait.

Letter to David 2/22/2010

OK well ill try to be more specific. last Monday night we went to one on the poor people in our ward for the most part there are a lot of rich people in this area. but then we have the other side where we contact in dirt floor houses that's the areas that we have the most exito touching doors. they actually come to the door and even if they don't want anything to do with the church they will let us in and teach them but than we drop them cause they don't progress.

i have been sick since last monday though. we went to a noche de hogar and were teaching them English and stuff and they wanted to feed us now they have a dirt floor and not a lot so they want to give us food. its not the most sanitary environment but its ok, so i eat this weird thing its like a hot dog but a lot better ad always gives us boo. so i eat that and I'm feeling kinda ify but then they bring out the dessert thing which is called not sure how to spell it only say it but its wi coy, its like a brother to a pumpkin at least that's what it looks like. but as soon as we got out of the house i threw up and have had gripe all week with a headache but its all good we are teaching and we think that we can understand about everything but its good.

this week has gone by really fast me and moorhouse are doing good. we get a long and are working hard. I'm not sure what kind of info you want everything is normal to me. you know what i mean....but ask more specific you
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Letter Home 2/22/2010

you sent a crazy email that i didn't understand you started to say like 4 things but never finished them what is up with that.....but its all good

we are having fun here in guate and are really trying to do the will of the lord its been to find new investigators and we are really trying to focus on that. not sure what we can do we are going to try to put a lot more work in with the members and get references but we will see, not sure what we can do with that.

dad says he wants more details but what the heck am i supposed to write about guatemala there are a lot of things that are different but its all normal now. I'm not sure what he wants. Hannah wrote me in Spanish and i could understand everything, if she really tries to speak she will be able to be fluent. unlike me that lazy one who had to learn when i got here. but its all good i can get around. some people are just harder to understand than others.

hey get me tims email. i want to write him and it takes way to long to write a letter. i saw that other info you are way to complicated old lady just tell me what you want to say. seriously. you are crazy.

love you all. ask questions be specific that's one thing that we are working on being specific in our prayers and i think that we see the results. its awesome. love you

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Letter Home 2/15/2010

Letter to David David asked him about his last companion.........

OK so yea he went home early. he should have gone home on Tuesday but pres thought that it would be better to send him home since he didn't want to work anyway.but its all good. i went and talked to the assistants because I'm friends with them both. its good but whatever. so this week its been kinda challenging because there are times that we both don't understand what is happening I'm trying to learn this area but its big and stuff. we are good for the majority of the time with the language but there are some people that its just hard to understand. but its all good. we are doing fine and stuff. i think that i told you that we have the same time we were in the ccm together. so its all good. we are having fun and trying to teach with our limited experience its a learning experience. its like I'm not sure exactly what is happening but if i just go with it and follow the spirit its all going to be fine. love you
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he is from Boise and stuff so yea. but its all good this area has a normal attendance of like 200. so its pretty big. its an awesome ward we have a guy that used to translate for Pres hinckley and there is another guy who still translates for Pres monson so yea....but three ex mission presidents 2 current seventy's they are awesome guys one of them teaches gospel principles and is a genius who speaks 5 languages. so its a pretty intense ward and it makes us be extra careful with what we do. so we are being obedient and really trying to work hard.

me and my comp are talking a lot of english but its terrible its spanglish there are some things that we say that don't really make sense in english but its like direct translations and stuff. but we are doing good and love it. our neighbors are getting baptised we are teaching them. but they just got pushed back a week because the mom has only gone to church 2 times and everyone else has gone 3. they want to be baptised together and they are really excited for it so there awesome. but yea....its been a good week. love you
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I sent a response quickly to his email to me and this is what I got back.........

but its a lot easier than spanish and why not. ask jared I'm almost positive he spoke English to other gringos. its just what you got to go
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ps what happened to josh. he didn't write...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Carta de 2/8/10 semana pasada fue un semana horrible pero yo aprendi a hacer cosas en differente maneras y mi companero se fue a su casa un poco temprano y ellos trataron a encontrar differentes cosas a hacer conmigo pero todo esta bien tenia cambios y soy en un area nuevo. pero tengo un prueba ahora, yo soy companero mayor, y si hay problemas or algo como asi yo tengo todo como culpa... mi companero es de los estados y entró conmigo y ya conozco el y voy a tener como 4 bautismos en este mes que ellos ya tenian fechas. creo que este 20 de febrero y es un familia de 4. toda via no tengo un persona que fue bautisado pero vamos a ver. en guatemala hay personas que vestirse en ropa tipica y ellos a veces no pueden hablar en espanol pero realmente no veo la como influence que ellos teinen. las personas en guatemala son differente cuando ellos comen porque ellos no usan cuchillas solo forks y spoons si hay sopa. pero siempre hfay tortillas a comer con la comida. siempre personas comen con los dedos. pero no se ni madre trató a ensenar me como a comer y cada cosas que ella me ensenó es differente que ellos hacen. yo trate a comer como los estados pero ellos siempre me preguntaron por que yo comi como asi. pero esta bien. espero que ustedes son bueno y siempre estoy agradecido a tu para las cartas.
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Well last week was horrible but I learned to do things differently and my companion left for home a little later. They tried to find different things to do with me but it’s all good. We had exchanges and I am in a new area. But now I have a challenge, I am the senior companion and if there are problems or something like that, I get all the blame. My companion is from the states and entered with me and I already know him. I am going to have like 4 baptisms this month and they already have dates. I think this 20th of February and it’s a family of four. Still I haven’t had a baptism but we’ll see.

In Guatemala there are people that dress in typical clothing and sometimes they can’t speak in Spanish, but truly I don’t see the influence that they have. (I had asked Seth if he ever sees any Mayan influences in Guatemala, in the city or with indigenous people, etc.)
People in Guatemala are different when they eat because they don’t use knifes, only forks and spoons if there is soup. But there’s always tortillas to eat with the food. People always eat with their fingers. But I know that my mom tried to teach me how to eat and everything that she taught me is different than they (Guatemalans) do. I try to eat like an American but they always ask me why I’m eating like that. But it’s good. I hope that you guys are doing well and I am always grateful for your letters.

Letter 2/8/2010

well a lot has changed since last week. me and my comp talked last Monday night and it was good but then he went home on Thursday. so i was with the assistants and then i went back to my area but i had changes so I'm in a different area. i just got here today. I'm with a kid that entered with me but I'm senior comp now so I'm kinda freaking out cause my Spanish isn't that good but its all good. i have a good relationship with the assistants now and i went up and talked to him about it and i don't really want to do it but he says this is what the lord wants so what can i do....but its good.

his name is elder moorhouse and he is a gringo so we got 2 gringos together who are not the best at Spanish but its going to be good. I'm still in the cap but its the border. I'm in the richest part of guat. its pretty nice from what Ive seen and i guess 75 percent of the ward speaks comps name is elder moorhouse de Idaho. he was in the ccm with me same group. its going to be a challenge but fun

sorry i didn't write last week, i was too frustrated to really think but its all good now its going to be awesome this change we have the first counselor in the area presidency in my ward and stuff so its going to be a lot better situation. not sure what else is new i have pictures but i cant send them cause my cord is in my suitcase so you
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Letter to David 2/8/2010
well thanks for the letter. not sure what to say back sorry for the crappy letter that i sent last week. it was not a good day but things are better and I'm doing good still alive. just not sure if I'm really ready to be senior companion. vamos a ver. but really we have the same amount of time in the mission so its not really a big difference the only difference is i get all the blame if something bad happens. but the time is flying. and Ive heard that the beginning is the slowest so there isn't any time to waste. we are going to work really hard and see what happens just do our part and put the rest in the hands of the lord. love you
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