Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter Home 2/22/2010

you sent a crazy email that i didn't understand you started to say like 4 things but never finished them what is up with that.....but its all good

we are having fun here in guate and are really trying to do the will of the lord its been to find new investigators and we are really trying to focus on that. not sure what we can do we are going to try to put a lot more work in with the members and get references but we will see, not sure what we can do with that.

dad says he wants more details but what the heck am i supposed to write about guatemala there are a lot of things that are different but its all normal now. I'm not sure what he wants. Hannah wrote me in Spanish and i could understand everything, if she really tries to speak she will be able to be fluent. unlike me that lazy one who had to learn when i got here. but its all good i can get around. some people are just harder to understand than others.

hey get me tims email. i want to write him and it takes way to long to write a letter. i saw that other info you are way to complicated old lady just tell me what you want to say. seriously. you are crazy.

love you all. ask questions be specific that's one thing that we are working on being specific in our prayers and i think that we see the results. its awesome. love you

elder price

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