Monday, February 8, 2010

Letter 2/8/2010

well a lot has changed since last week. me and my comp talked last Monday night and it was good but then he went home on Thursday. so i was with the assistants and then i went back to my area but i had changes so I'm in a different area. i just got here today. I'm with a kid that entered with me but I'm senior comp now so I'm kinda freaking out cause my Spanish isn't that good but its all good. i have a good relationship with the assistants now and i went up and talked to him about it and i don't really want to do it but he says this is what the lord wants so what can i do....but its good.

his name is elder moorhouse and he is a gringo so we got 2 gringos together who are not the best at Spanish but its going to be good. I'm still in the cap but its the border. I'm in the richest part of guat. its pretty nice from what Ive seen and i guess 75 percent of the ward speaks comps name is elder moorhouse de Idaho. he was in the ccm with me same group. its going to be a challenge but fun

sorry i didn't write last week, i was too frustrated to really think but its all good now its going to be awesome this change we have the first counselor in the area presidency in my ward and stuff so its going to be a lot better situation. not sure what else is new i have pictures but i cant send them cause my cord is in my suitcase so you
elder price

Letter to David 2/8/2010
well thanks for the letter. not sure what to say back sorry for the crappy letter that i sent last week. it was not a good day but things are better and I'm doing good still alive. just not sure if I'm really ready to be senior companion. vamos a ver. but really we have the same amount of time in the mission so its not really a big difference the only difference is i get all the blame if something bad happens. but the time is flying. and Ive heard that the beginning is the slowest so there isn't any time to waste. we are going to work really hard and see what happens just do our part and put the rest in the hands of the lord. love you
elder price

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