Monday, February 15, 2010

Letter Home 2/15/2010

Letter to David David asked him about his last companion.........

OK so yea he went home early. he should have gone home on Tuesday but pres thought that it would be better to send him home since he didn't want to work anyway.but its all good. i went and talked to the assistants because I'm friends with them both. its good but whatever. so this week its been kinda challenging because there are times that we both don't understand what is happening I'm trying to learn this area but its big and stuff. we are good for the majority of the time with the language but there are some people that its just hard to understand. but its all good. we are doing fine and stuff. i think that i told you that we have the same time we were in the ccm together. so its all good. we are having fun and trying to teach with our limited experience its a learning experience. its like I'm not sure exactly what is happening but if i just go with it and follow the spirit its all going to be fine. love you
elder price

he is from Boise and stuff so yea. but its all good this area has a normal attendance of like 200. so its pretty big. its an awesome ward we have a guy that used to translate for Pres hinckley and there is another guy who still translates for Pres monson so yea....but three ex mission presidents 2 current seventy's they are awesome guys one of them teaches gospel principles and is a genius who speaks 5 languages. so its a pretty intense ward and it makes us be extra careful with what we do. so we are being obedient and really trying to work hard.

me and my comp are talking a lot of english but its terrible its spanglish there are some things that we say that don't really make sense in english but its like direct translations and stuff. but we are doing good and love it. our neighbors are getting baptised we are teaching them. but they just got pushed back a week because the mom has only gone to church 2 times and everyone else has gone 3. they want to be baptised together and they are really excited for it so there awesome. but yea....its been a good week. love you
elder price

I sent a response quickly to his email to me and this is what I got back.........

but its a lot easier than spanish and why not. ask jared I'm almost positive he spoke English to other gringos. its just what you got to go
elder price.
ps what happened to josh. he didn't write...

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