Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter to David 2/22/2010

OK well ill try to be more specific. last Monday night we went to one on the poor people in our ward for the most part there are a lot of rich people in this area. but then we have the other side where we contact in dirt floor houses that's the areas that we have the most exito touching doors. they actually come to the door and even if they don't want anything to do with the church they will let us in and teach them but than we drop them cause they don't progress.

i have been sick since last monday though. we went to a noche de hogar and were teaching them English and stuff and they wanted to feed us now they have a dirt floor and not a lot so they want to give us food. its not the most sanitary environment but its ok, so i eat this weird thing its like a hot dog but a lot better ad always gives us boo. so i eat that and I'm feeling kinda ify but then they bring out the dessert thing which is called not sure how to spell it only say it but its wi coy, its like a brother to a pumpkin at least that's what it looks like. but as soon as we got out of the house i threw up and have had gripe all week with a headache but its all good we are teaching and we think that we can understand about everything but its good.

this week has gone by really fast me and moorhouse are doing good. we get a long and are working hard. I'm not sure what kind of info you want everything is normal to me. you know what i mean....but ask more specific you
elder price

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