Monday, May 31, 2010

Seth walking in Guatemala

Here's Seth with his companion walking down the streets of Guatemala!

Letter to David 5/31/2010

yea i saw this thing the other day that had the Arizona flag with a swastika. the Nazi sign...on it so everyone thinks that Arizona is racist. but I'm just not really in the loop on that so its all good...but yea so we are waiting for a huge earthquake so we will see what happens it just sucks not being able to leave the house..

love you

Letter Home 5/31/2010

OK well......not much happened. it was a pretty normal week. so yea.....but ok so we were cleaning up a lot and stuff. so on Thursday night we had a cita with our neighbors so we went home real quick cause i had to use the bathroom and it was raining. so we ran in and did some last minute planning for the cita. we were going to talk about the bible so we did that and than ran over but since it was raining and we were going next door we didn't take umbrellas or anything. so we go out running and than we both stop and are confused at what was happening. it was like sand. we had no idea what was happening. we don't hear anything about what happens until it affects us or members or investigators tell it was black was everywhere. after we got home president called us. we are like 30 kilometors away from the yea. it was fun though....we couldn't go out to work on Friday morning because of that. so it stopped raining ash that night late. and than we stayed home kind of. we helped our neighbors clean up a little and we just carried our phone with president called again and told us we could go out but to prestar servicio so we went out in jeans and t shirt. we just focused on widows in the ward and tan investigators so that was our day. we went home early when it started to rain ash again. so that was Friday.
OK so Saturday we get a call from the zone leaders in the morning and say today is another day for service so we go with them since we share a ward to over by the volcano. we could have seen it if it wasn't raining so hard. it was raining all was crazy a lot of rain and wind but it was we were with them all day. than we got back to change and go out again we thought. we had missed calls from a member who is in the ward telling us there is a hurricane and not to go out so we talk to the zone leader s and we stay inside for the night. we didn't have power that night so we sat in the dark and made a fire and stuff so it was just like a I'm bored kind of thing. so nothing really happened with that.....we got pictures and stuff but i have to get them form my companions camera...
question what does Aaron do exactly....
I'm not sure what he does...
love you

****Here's a picture of the ash and the fire they made when they didn't have power****

Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter Home 5/24/2010

Any updates on investigators?

well so nothing new with investigators we dropped a bunch and are in the finding stage. they aren't progressing. we are dealing with other peoples mistakes now. there are people who were baptised that shouldn't have been and now we are dealing with the consequences of its fun....haha. i don't know how some of these people passed there baptismal interviews. it shocks me that people are that dumb to go ahead with them whatever

Any new baptism dates scheduled?

not yet. i doubt we are going to baptise her at all so nothing new with that. she would be willing and than that would put me and my comp into the dumb people category so it will wait until someone else comes or hopefully when she gets a brain and does what she needs to. but we have 3 that will be getting dunked soon. just putting dates and yea.

What is your weather there like right now?

weather is good its raining a lot but its just starting to really pick up. so we will see we need the rain though. at least that is what i yea but its cold at nights during the morning it is hot and than it rains almost everyone afternoon but its one of the colder parts of Guatemala. so its good...

What is your favorite thing about being a missionary?

favorite part of being a missionary is seeing people accept. and knowing that what we have as missionaries really does change peoples lives. i think a perfect example is of king lamonis father. he was willing to give up half of his kingdom for his life but everything he possessed when he felt the truth of what aaron taught him...that is a true change of heart. and they were awesome missionaries..

love you pop}

elder price

its hot but its the rainy season until like august or October so during this time it rains like everyday. depends on how hard but almost everyday it rains. but there are places here that are hotter than Arizona or equal to. zona zacapa. if you go out there everyone tries to figure out what you did wrong but its just a joke. so it depends on what happens in the rest of my mission. it s colder here in this area. so my zone leaders are awesome. they are in the same ward as me so its pretty close before they lived in the same house but the change before i got here they moved there is a new rule that you cant have multiple elder houses. to much messing around. but we do a lot of stuff together because we are in the same ward. my district leader touches my area but its like 30 minutes in a bus. so its not super close....
so this week i turned 20....
but on like Tuesday my comp was like i don't feel good i need to go home and our last cita fell so i was like ok. and we were going to wake up early the next morning to go to the temple. so we go talk to our comedor to tell her that we weren't going to come to eat breakfast and stuff. she was cooking and than my comp starts acting funny. but she is our He was like saying things that i was getting lost on. and than he just leaves. i was like what the crap are you he was like i had to leave and than he throws up all was funny but disgusting. there was a guy right around the corner. so he walked by and said buenas noches. than threw up. i was laughing the guy was laughing and my comp was still throwing up....
we went to the temple and that was awesome...really doesn't need an explanation...
i really had an experience that was one of few that i have had. it was on we had gone to pick up an investigator for the baptism of elders hatch and de vries. and we were going to go with him to it...we touch his door and are talking about whatever i cant remember(me and elder egan) he opens the door and i knew something was wrong. he turns around and walks away and than we go in and are like whats up. than we weren't all the way In the house he has a little area to park his car. so he turns back around and says i smoked...i felt like elder holland says in preach my gospel true sorrow that someone cant keep there commitments. after 2 months he broke it. so we taught the palabra de sabiduria again and than i asked him . rafa do you have more cigarettes? yea. will you obey gods commandments and not smoke? yea. than give me your cigarettes so than we went to the baptism which was awesome and i had half a pack of cigarettes in my bag.....weird experience but he started smoking and stopped again in the same day....
yea so that is my week. love you
elder price

Saturday, May 22, 2010

¡Cumpleaños felices!

¡Cumpleaños vigésimos felices Seth!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Letters Home 5/17/2010

i think that humor is the hardest thing to get they have things that are common to them that its harder to pick up on...but its good to see when some things start clicking with how they are as a people or a culture..

the ward is big...we average about 175 people. it is getting smaller though with the actives. a year or 2 ago it was above 200. people have moved and stuff but we will see what happens with that...we are working with the ward mission leader he is good. he got back from his mission like 5 months ago from Arizona. he served in Tempe Spanish speaking but had to learn English. so its good. he is a good guy and tries to do whats right which is good...

home and visiting teachers are getting better they are starting to call more of them which was a problem in the ward. the old elders quorum pres went inactive and that was problems but now they have called new leadership and are trying to help us a lot. which is good..its been good recently. a lot of help.

they are calling ward missionaries right now. just waiting for the official call to be made and stuff. right now there are none...its not the best help for us but they are working on it....

active teaching pool is like 10. it goes up and down depending on the week. but that's not including all the members of te families. so its OK right now we are trying to move it up. its hard to find new investigators and even harder to get help form the members. we are really trying to get help from members its hard to work without them like president hinckley said. there is a better way than contacting but its going ok at the moment. we are busy but could always be busier...there is always something that we could change and do better...

we are starting to put things together for menos activos to help them and work with the members to get them involved...its fun thoguh...

hope i answered all your you

elder price

don't worry about it....its not important. but yea so what are you all doing with school out next yea so we are doing good here the baptism was postponed by us for some different reasons but we haven't really put a new date yet so we will see what happens with that....not sure what is going to happen we will figure something out with the help of the spirit....
but yea its going good. i saw the thing you put up for Aaron's birthday. and that countdown is ridiculous by the way. you realy are insane...but its funny to see how many days are left. its not that many which is weird to see. we found new investigators so we will be teaching more this week. it was a good week though. we had conference of zone and stuff so yea....elder martino came he talked in general conference and is in the area presidency. super good guy with a lot of excitement and we are going to try some new things to work more effectively and we have some new goals to work towards weekly and we are promised that if we do we will have more success....which is good.

hey so you know those metal pieces that is like the loop thing on pants they somehow fell off in the wash and got lost. the lady lost them or something i don't know if you can get more of them??? the piece that is metal on a pair of dress pants there is the thing that you slide into the thing to hold them up....not sure
other than that there really isn't anything new. the usual stuff. but yea. what is in the package though. and don't forget to put the virgin Mary on it....or Christ works too. love you
elder price

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like i told you on mothers day. its not important. you didnt even have to get me anything. its not a big deal to me just do what you guysd need to do. im fine here. really you dont need to worry about me. just keep on writing and ill be fine. so you went to was that?? graduation and what not. thats a big deal. huge parties and stuff...but yea. i am almost 20 which is weird to think about. im not sure if its right but i still feel like im 16. just a little smater than i was than. but you know. its weird....when people ask how old i am they are shocked that a 19 year old would be on a mission talking about the gospel for 2 years. its normal to me but its different to them....i dont know what the difference is but i was raised with the tought that at 19 you go on a mission. thats just how it was..but to them at 19 you study or something or try to find work to help your family. there are kids here who i have seen that shine shoes for money to help their families. they are like 9 or 10 and are shining shoes for 5 quetzales. its differnet here than in the states with work laws and stuff like that but im glad that you guys made it home safe and are doing you
elder price

Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter Home 5/10/2010

well its all good. you are like dad. but we are doing good. so I'm not sure what you all want to know more than what happened last night.

i just saw the blog and who is the guy that has the red mohawk??? i have no idea who that guy is. what happened to president allen. is he still there or is he gone. but really that guy looks crazy. when did he move into the ward? recently. i haven't been gone that long have i???

but yea anyway so there is not that much more to say it was good to talk to everyone and it was fun to talk to jenna. do you guys know what we were talking about or not. i don't know if you talked to them after about it or if hannah knows more than she was letting on.

but its super hard to talk to the kids younger than me. I'm not sure why but it was more of a conversation with Aaron and Jared. i don't know why but it was just easier to talk to them for some reason. not sure what is up with that.....i think that they Care more about the mission. i know i didn't really care about their missions before i came and now i want to know more about them...i think it would be cool to have a night or something when i get back to talk about dads mission and then Jared, Aaron, and mine. just to see the differences in culture and how it is and stuff....but that's in a while....kinda, its going super fast. I'm not sure why but they say that it gets faster with time. the longer you are here the faster it feels like its we will see. it feels like i talked to you at Christmas last change but its been like 6 months.....its way fast. i love it though i know this is where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing....

im good. i feel better. but im doin good and stuff.

love you
elder price

Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter Home 5/3/2010

OK so its been an interesting morning we woke up and moorhouse was running around packing and i was just chilling and reading and stuff. its weird to have a companion that you actually got along with and stuff to go. the others i was waiting for changes and this one i could of gone another change with but it was time to go and get other opportunities and stuff. but elder egan is from arizona tambien. he is from mesa and stuff so its going to be good i think.

not much is new with me i think its hilarious that you live in arizona and don't know what hi is in Spanish. wow....hola is pretty much common knowledge.. (This was to Lydia and her question to him about how to say HI)

.i thought. so its been good and stuff.....ok momma. so its the day that you have apparently looked forward to forever....MOTHERS DAY......hahaha. so i guess ill give thanks to the old lady who gave me life and carried me around for the same amount of time that I've been gone on my thank you i appreciate all that you have done and stuff. its pretty awesome of you to take care of me since I'm such an awesome person i must have come from 2 pretty amazing people. its been fun to give you crap for almost 20 years. literally at first and than just joking around. but you know how it is. there were times when i didn't know that i could be here and thanks to the things that you have taught and dad, I'm here and an even better person than i was...thanks for sticking with me and never giving up. love you
elder price (the best son ever)
ps. make me a facebook por favor just put the name elder price and only accept people from Guatemala. no one else just so its easier to find people when i get home. thanks

Letter to David

OK pop. I'm just not that into writing how i feel. I'm sorry that i don't really write a lot but I'm alive and kicking and doing what i need to be doing. i got a new comp today. its been interesting because he also entered with me and was the comp of elder moorhouse in the i just switched companions from the ccm.....his name is elder egan and he is from its all good..not sure what is happening but its my second companion from my group.its all good though. its going to be fun to work with him and stuff. i don't know that much about him we didn't talk a lot in the ccm and stuff so I'm not sure what he is like or anything yet ill let you know more about that next week or i guess over the phone on you

elder price

Carta 4/3

pues he escuchado sobre este ley. mi comedor es bien enojado conmigo porque yo soy de arizona y a mi es no importa, ellos son ilegales y esto no es correcto. pero realmente no puedo decir esto a ella porque es contra nuestro reglas a hablar sobre politics con la gente. mi nuevo companero es de arizona tambien y el ha tenido estos experiencias tambien. no se...creo que hay personas de guatemala que fueron a arizona y ellos piensen que tengo algo a hacer con estos estan inteligente estos personas. pero jared no me dijo nada sobre tu llamamiento. el es un chambon y necesitas golpearle mucho para este error. pero creo que no tienes conocer la gente para el espiritu a trabajar y decirte las nombres para tus consejeros. dios sabe todo. no importa donde el va a ayudarte.te quiero
elder price

(I had mentioned to seth about Arizona’s new immigration law)
I have heard about this law. Our cook is pretty mad with me because I am from Arizona and it doesn’t matter to me/ (it doesn’t bother me). They are illegal and this isn’t right. But in reality I can’t say that to her because it’s against the rules to talk about politics with people. My new companion is from Arizona also and he’s had the same experiences also. I don’t know… I think there’s people from Guatemala that went to Arizona and they think that I have something to do with those laws. But Jared didn’t tell me anything about your calling. He’s lazy and you need to hit him hard for not telling me. But I think you don’t have to know the people for the spirit to work and tell you names for your counselors. God knows all. It doesn’t matter where, he will help you.