Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter Home 5/3/2010

OK so its been an interesting morning we woke up and moorhouse was running around packing and i was just chilling and reading and stuff. its weird to have a companion that you actually got along with and stuff to go. the others i was waiting for changes and this one i could of gone another change with but it was time to go and get other opportunities and stuff. but elder egan is from arizona tambien. he is from mesa and stuff so its going to be good i think.

not much is new with me i think its hilarious that you live in arizona and don't know what hi is in Spanish. wow....hola is pretty much common knowledge.. (This was to Lydia and her question to him about how to say HI)

.i thought. so its been good and stuff.....ok momma. so its the day that you have apparently looked forward to forever....MOTHERS DAY......hahaha. so i guess ill give thanks to the old lady who gave me life and carried me around for the same amount of time that I've been gone on my thank you i appreciate all that you have done and stuff. its pretty awesome of you to take care of me since I'm such an awesome person i must have come from 2 pretty amazing people. its been fun to give you crap for almost 20 years. literally at first and than just joking around. but you know how it is. there were times when i didn't know that i could be here and thanks to the things that you have taught and dad, I'm here and an even better person than i was...thanks for sticking with me and never giving up. love you
elder price (the best son ever)
ps. make me a facebook por favor just put the name elder price and only accept people from Guatemala. no one else just so its easier to find people when i get home. thanks

Letter to David

OK pop. I'm just not that into writing how i feel. I'm sorry that i don't really write a lot but I'm alive and kicking and doing what i need to be doing. i got a new comp today. its been interesting because he also entered with me and was the comp of elder moorhouse in the i just switched companions from the ccm.....his name is elder egan and he is from its all good..not sure what is happening but its my second companion from my group.its all good though. its going to be fun to work with him and stuff. i don't know that much about him we didn't talk a lot in the ccm and stuff so I'm not sure what he is like or anything yet ill let you know more about that next week or i guess over the phone on you

elder price

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