Monday, May 31, 2010

Letter Home 5/31/2010

OK well......not much happened. it was a pretty normal week. so yea.....but ok so we were cleaning up a lot and stuff. so on Thursday night we had a cita with our neighbors so we went home real quick cause i had to use the bathroom and it was raining. so we ran in and did some last minute planning for the cita. we were going to talk about the bible so we did that and than ran over but since it was raining and we were going next door we didn't take umbrellas or anything. so we go out running and than we both stop and are confused at what was happening. it was like sand. we had no idea what was happening. we don't hear anything about what happens until it affects us or members or investigators tell it was black was everywhere. after we got home president called us. we are like 30 kilometors away from the yea. it was fun though....we couldn't go out to work on Friday morning because of that. so it stopped raining ash that night late. and than we stayed home kind of. we helped our neighbors clean up a little and we just carried our phone with president called again and told us we could go out but to prestar servicio so we went out in jeans and t shirt. we just focused on widows in the ward and tan investigators so that was our day. we went home early when it started to rain ash again. so that was Friday.
OK so Saturday we get a call from the zone leaders in the morning and say today is another day for service so we go with them since we share a ward to over by the volcano. we could have seen it if it wasn't raining so hard. it was raining all was crazy a lot of rain and wind but it was we were with them all day. than we got back to change and go out again we thought. we had missed calls from a member who is in the ward telling us there is a hurricane and not to go out so we talk to the zone leader s and we stay inside for the night. we didn't have power that night so we sat in the dark and made a fire and stuff so it was just like a I'm bored kind of thing. so nothing really happened with that.....we got pictures and stuff but i have to get them form my companions camera...
question what does Aaron do exactly....
I'm not sure what he does...
love you

****Here's a picture of the ash and the fire they made when they didn't have power****

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