Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter Home 5/10/2010

well its all good. you are like dad. but we are doing good. so I'm not sure what you all want to know more than what happened last night.

i just saw the blog and who is the guy that has the red mohawk??? i have no idea who that guy is. what happened to president allen. is he still there or is he gone. but really that guy looks crazy. when did he move into the ward? recently. i haven't been gone that long have i???

but yea anyway so there is not that much more to say it was good to talk to everyone and it was fun to talk to jenna. do you guys know what we were talking about or not. i don't know if you talked to them after about it or if hannah knows more than she was letting on.

but its super hard to talk to the kids younger than me. I'm not sure why but it was more of a conversation with Aaron and Jared. i don't know why but it was just easier to talk to them for some reason. not sure what is up with that.....i think that they Care more about the mission. i know i didn't really care about their missions before i came and now i want to know more about them...i think it would be cool to have a night or something when i get back to talk about dads mission and then Jared, Aaron, and mine. just to see the differences in culture and how it is and stuff....but that's in a while....kinda, its going super fast. I'm not sure why but they say that it gets faster with time. the longer you are here the faster it feels like its we will see. it feels like i talked to you at Christmas last change but its been like 6 months.....its way fast. i love it though i know this is where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing....

im good. i feel better. but im doin good and stuff.

love you
elder price

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