Monday, May 17, 2010

Letters Home 5/17/2010

i think that humor is the hardest thing to get they have things that are common to them that its harder to pick up on...but its good to see when some things start clicking with how they are as a people or a culture..

the ward is big...we average about 175 people. it is getting smaller though with the actives. a year or 2 ago it was above 200. people have moved and stuff but we will see what happens with that...we are working with the ward mission leader he is good. he got back from his mission like 5 months ago from Arizona. he served in Tempe Spanish speaking but had to learn English. so its good. he is a good guy and tries to do whats right which is good...

home and visiting teachers are getting better they are starting to call more of them which was a problem in the ward. the old elders quorum pres went inactive and that was problems but now they have called new leadership and are trying to help us a lot. which is good..its been good recently. a lot of help.

they are calling ward missionaries right now. just waiting for the official call to be made and stuff. right now there are none...its not the best help for us but they are working on it....

active teaching pool is like 10. it goes up and down depending on the week. but that's not including all the members of te families. so its OK right now we are trying to move it up. its hard to find new investigators and even harder to get help form the members. we are really trying to get help from members its hard to work without them like president hinckley said. there is a better way than contacting but its going ok at the moment. we are busy but could always be busier...there is always something that we could change and do better...

we are starting to put things together for menos activos to help them and work with the members to get them involved...its fun thoguh...

hope i answered all your you

elder price

don't worry about it....its not important. but yea so what are you all doing with school out next yea so we are doing good here the baptism was postponed by us for some different reasons but we haven't really put a new date yet so we will see what happens with that....not sure what is going to happen we will figure something out with the help of the spirit....
but yea its going good. i saw the thing you put up for Aaron's birthday. and that countdown is ridiculous by the way. you realy are insane...but its funny to see how many days are left. its not that many which is weird to see. we found new investigators so we will be teaching more this week. it was a good week though. we had conference of zone and stuff so yea....elder martino came he talked in general conference and is in the area presidency. super good guy with a lot of excitement and we are going to try some new things to work more effectively and we have some new goals to work towards weekly and we are promised that if we do we will have more success....which is good.

hey so you know those metal pieces that is like the loop thing on pants they somehow fell off in the wash and got lost. the lady lost them or something i don't know if you can get more of them??? the piece that is metal on a pair of dress pants there is the thing that you slide into the thing to hold them up....not sure
other than that there really isn't anything new. the usual stuff. but yea. what is in the package though. and don't forget to put the virgin Mary on it....or Christ works too. love you
elder price

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