Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter Home 5/24/2010

Any updates on investigators?

well so nothing new with investigators we dropped a bunch and are in the finding stage. they aren't progressing. we are dealing with other peoples mistakes now. there are people who were baptised that shouldn't have been and now we are dealing with the consequences of its fun....haha. i don't know how some of these people passed there baptismal interviews. it shocks me that people are that dumb to go ahead with them whatever

Any new baptism dates scheduled?

not yet. i doubt we are going to baptise her at all so nothing new with that. she would be willing and than that would put me and my comp into the dumb people category so it will wait until someone else comes or hopefully when she gets a brain and does what she needs to. but we have 3 that will be getting dunked soon. just putting dates and yea.

What is your weather there like right now?

weather is good its raining a lot but its just starting to really pick up. so we will see we need the rain though. at least that is what i yea but its cold at nights during the morning it is hot and than it rains almost everyone afternoon but its one of the colder parts of Guatemala. so its good...

What is your favorite thing about being a missionary?

favorite part of being a missionary is seeing people accept. and knowing that what we have as missionaries really does change peoples lives. i think a perfect example is of king lamonis father. he was willing to give up half of his kingdom for his life but everything he possessed when he felt the truth of what aaron taught him...that is a true change of heart. and they were awesome missionaries..

love you pop}

elder price

its hot but its the rainy season until like august or October so during this time it rains like everyday. depends on how hard but almost everyday it rains. but there are places here that are hotter than Arizona or equal to. zona zacapa. if you go out there everyone tries to figure out what you did wrong but its just a joke. so it depends on what happens in the rest of my mission. it s colder here in this area. so my zone leaders are awesome. they are in the same ward as me so its pretty close before they lived in the same house but the change before i got here they moved there is a new rule that you cant have multiple elder houses. to much messing around. but we do a lot of stuff together because we are in the same ward. my district leader touches my area but its like 30 minutes in a bus. so its not super close....
so this week i turned 20....
but on like Tuesday my comp was like i don't feel good i need to go home and our last cita fell so i was like ok. and we were going to wake up early the next morning to go to the temple. so we go talk to our comedor to tell her that we weren't going to come to eat breakfast and stuff. she was cooking and than my comp starts acting funny. but she is our He was like saying things that i was getting lost on. and than he just leaves. i was like what the crap are you he was like i had to leave and than he throws up all was funny but disgusting. there was a guy right around the corner. so he walked by and said buenas noches. than threw up. i was laughing the guy was laughing and my comp was still throwing up....
we went to the temple and that was awesome...really doesn't need an explanation...
i really had an experience that was one of few that i have had. it was on we had gone to pick up an investigator for the baptism of elders hatch and de vries. and we were going to go with him to it...we touch his door and are talking about whatever i cant remember(me and elder egan) he opens the door and i knew something was wrong. he turns around and walks away and than we go in and are like whats up. than we weren't all the way In the house he has a little area to park his car. so he turns back around and says i smoked...i felt like elder holland says in preach my gospel true sorrow that someone cant keep there commitments. after 2 months he broke it. so we taught the palabra de sabiduria again and than i asked him . rafa do you have more cigarettes? yea. will you obey gods commandments and not smoke? yea. than give me your cigarettes so than we went to the baptism which was awesome and i had half a pack of cigarettes in my bag.....weird experience but he started smoking and stopped again in the same day....
yea so that is my week. love you
elder price

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