Monday, May 17, 2010


like i told you on mothers day. its not important. you didnt even have to get me anything. its not a big deal to me just do what you guysd need to do. im fine here. really you dont need to worry about me. just keep on writing and ill be fine. so you went to was that?? graduation and what not. thats a big deal. huge parties and stuff...but yea. i am almost 20 which is weird to think about. im not sure if its right but i still feel like im 16. just a little smater than i was than. but you know. its weird....when people ask how old i am they are shocked that a 19 year old would be on a mission talking about the gospel for 2 years. its normal to me but its different to them....i dont know what the difference is but i was raised with the tought that at 19 you go on a mission. thats just how it was..but to them at 19 you study or something or try to find work to help your family. there are kids here who i have seen that shine shoes for money to help their families. they are like 9 or 10 and are shining shoes for 5 quetzales. its differnet here than in the states with work laws and stuff like that but im glad that you guys made it home safe and are doing you
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