Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letters Home 12/21/2009

hey there whats up. we just got back from the conference and so i have to be fast and since i will talk to you ill just keep it short. there really isnt that much going on here. we went and had an awesome meeting. it was with the whole mission so i got to see all the guys htat were in the ccm with me. we had skits and stuff. every zone had to do something...

so i got the package that yall sent and im not going to lie the best part was the testimonies but the runner up was the pants.....you siad that you were going to send another one in january send pictures that i can take around easier. smaller sized. people in my area want to see my family.....but its all good. thanks.....i decided that i didnt have to wait untill christmas to open it. so oh well, i do what i want..
so technically there is a time limit but its awful. i havent talked to anyone that has kept it and the only ones that are planning on it are going home next week. im not going to tell you the real time limit so im sorry. ill talk to you on friday. love you
elder price

ok pop so i like the plan its good, its not asking much and unfortunately thats whats needed a lot. so the family that we have a date with is doing good but they have some problems not with worthiness or the church but with the economy. they are behind on payments and might move this week before the baptism. it sucks but they need to move in with family and than that will bring a whole another set of problems but they are excited about the church and want to be baptised. we find out if they are moving tomorrow or miercoles. not sure which. but whatever happens it will be what is supposedd to. so on sunday we came up with goals, 5 things that we want to achieve o raccomplish in our lives so just thought i would share them with you, 1. temple marriage 2. med school 3. close fam relationship
with siblings and the old people too 4. hunt-kill bear 5. mission with wife
so i made mini goals to be better ablrto reach these, the one that im not positive on is number 5 but it would be legit to serve with my wife someday. so yea these are my goals or whatever for my life. just thought i would share whats new and that is about the only thing i can think of. take it easy. talk to you on friday. love you
elder price

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