Monday, September 21, 2009

Seth's Mission Letters

This is a way for friends to keep track of Seth while he's gone for the next two years. His family will be updating with letters and pictures that he will be sending home.

He entered the Provo MTC on August 5, 2009. He spent 3 weeks there and then flew to the Guatemala MTC on August 25th where he will be spend 6 weeks. He has about 2 more weeks there as of today 9/21/2009 He can't wait to get out and begin working!

He loves letters and his mission is pouch mail. A great way to write him is and then write a missionary and go to the drop down box and select Guatemala MTC right now until 10/5 and then after that select the Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission. Its a great way to keep in touch with him. They print the letters on Thursday and its FREE! He gets those letters the next week.

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