Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Letter Home 9/22/2009

What up. just chillin here. Its crazy how fast the time is going. i cant believe that we go out into the field in 2 weeks. its crazy. im not sure how my Spanish is going to be in the field just cause they talk so fast but its all good.

That’s crazy to hear about Lopez. Now i hope he gets married.

My new Latino roommates don’t talk much but my new north American roommates talk a lot and i like 1 of them the other is kinda weird. Oh well. Nothing is happening here though. We have the area authority coming here tonight to talk to us and it will be in Spanish most likely so we will see whats up. I talked to him in the temple today and i like him a lot we already heard from him once i think he is the counselor in the presidency though. Way good guy.

I’m really going to miss Sundays here though, they are so awesome I don’t think it will be exactly the same but it will be legit for sure in the field. I’m not sure what is happening with anything else

I think we have 4 districts that arrived the same day I did then another 2 that came three weeks after us and another 2 Latino districts. I know everyone that came in my group. So I’m not sure what you mean by that. We don’t have zone leaders we just have assistants cause its not really necessary to have zl´s. its super small though. There is only 2 buildings in the whole mtc plus the house that is by the temple we walk to that is not that big.

love you all, elder price

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